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4. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. 5. And God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day (Genesis 1:1-5). When most people think of physical (material) beings, it is of the tangible existence, that is tactile or touchable by hand and visual in mass by sight, but this is such a shallow frame of reference when it comes to the men of celestialness. In order to give you a pure understanding of the physicalness of infinity, I must give it to you from the views of the righteous scholars of the universe who have been taught by The God—Allah through the tools of relativity of firmament or kinetical existence. Therefore, in order for Allah (swt) to establish these men of celestialness as informed men of distinction who are known as Prophets and Messengers of the world; Allah decree the behavior of the Nabi and Rasul (Prophets and Messengers). Consequently, what is abstract to individuals is tangible to the blessed prophets and messengers of the past and also to the blessed messengers of today with the exception of the unperceivable Allah. For the humble prophets and messengers that take their blessed celestial experiences and naturally challenge them interpersonally and intrapersonally with The Fraternity of Allah—the Jihad Allahu Akbar (the struggle against evil internally and externally with the mind of The God Allah as being The Most Great). The Fraternity (al’Jihad/Mujahidun) endeavor with perseverance in valid-sound-truth of Zikr-Allah (The love, fear, and obedience to Allah) in Allah (swt) expressed Relativity. Yet, servants who never submit to the standards of Allah al’Qur-an are in lost, error, and chastisement, such as genekind (beastman, mankind, and human), organizations, and governments of the world. Mujahidun (Holy-war-strugglers) are the ones who righteously manifest Allah’s Will in Islam Dinn (Religion). For this reason, we must take a glimpse at the physical existence from the views of the blessed prophets and messengers who celestialness within the Seven Firmanents experienced consciousness. Now, I will introduce you to the Seven Stages of Infinity. For, the Seven Stages of Infinity is the most sane at this time for me to contemplate on the Infinite Conscious, and as I endeavor with perseverance in patience through this book of Light that consumes the evil-doer—the devil. Section One: Physical Infinity To give you an understanding of this First Seal of Physical Infinite, it can only be in the form of intellectual awareness of the world of Infinity. No man scholarship, technology, micro-technology, research, findings, or schools of thought will be able to give you the Experience of the Smokeless Fire of Infinity nor the Spiritual Blissed al’Nur Infinity, for it is only given to you from The God – Allah (swt). Therefore, only blessed men of celestialness have the potential to be informed by Allah directly in the Seven Firmaments. Celestial human beings are blessed by Allah with knowledge of the firmamental or kinetical-physical Infinity, which is the highest and purest form of Reality. Those of us whom Allah has blessed in the celestial world(s) of Infinity can only express the wonders of His creation in the forms of signs, symbols, and vibrations common to the languages of men in the hope that mankind will be able to understand and “AL’JIHAD” or “Imam Mahdi Is Now Implementing Al’Jihad World Wide” – by, Imam Mahdi . A Text Book Guide for IMAM MAHDI, Military, Inc.: © ® ™. Cheraw, SC. 29520 USA. : Of 765 + Pages Is 36