AL'JIHAD : Volume One (Book) Volume One - Page 158

AL’JAAUCOA-O / Imam Mahdi 325 Huger Stree, Cheraw, South Carolina 29520 USA. AL’JAAUCOA-O Financial Support Application Only: Applicant please complete and sign below as apply, for this is a membership not a contract. And, AJAAUCOAO ask that you make a yearly $100 support donation. Check the line if you are interest in becoming a member in AJAAUCOAO Introduction Eleven Weeks Program. Please print all information or Anonymous (Name being withheld and/or person not being identified - Money Order/Cash): Name __________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________ City _____________________________, State __________, Zip Code _____________. Home Phone ________________________ / Work Phone ________________________. Email: ______________________________, Fax: ______________________________. Preferred method of contact: ________________, and Profession: _________________. US Citizen ___ Yes, or ___ No. Specify if no _________________________________. Religion: Islam ___ Judaism___ Christianity ___ or other ________________________. ___ AL’JAAUCOA-O Reparation Receiving Dept.: $_____,_____,_____,_____.___. ___ AL’JAAUCOA-O Mas YZY[ZHZؘ\ RPJN ˂S8&RPUPKSP8&US8&PTRHYY][HX[ۜ[ˎ ˂RPUPS\[H]X[][ۈY[N ˂ۛHY X\[JH܈H\ܝوS8&RPUPKSΈ ˂[X[HXZHZ[]\K[ˈ Z[]\HXY[^JN ˂RPUPS[X[ۈ[][YZܘ[N ˂S8&RPUPKSY[X\\\ܝ\X][ۈYN ˂[]X[ۈH[H[]H\]\[\]\و[\H[\ܝو[\[[[ۈH\[۝H܈YX\H܈[\Z[˂Yۘ]\N]N˂NS8&RPUPKS\H[]\[]]HX[ܙ[^][ۈۛH[\H]]ܚ]Hو[8&T]\X[܈ٙXH\HۛN[]\[]]HX[ܙ[^][ۂXZ]YH]N˂\YH]N˂Y[YX][ۈ\[X\ PӊNˈ8*;{{;H;츠+ X\H[]\X][ۈ[[[[X[Y\ܝS8&RPUPKS˂[[X\HXZHH L Y\و\X][ێ[]HH^HY\\[Y]H[H]\Hو]]H[H[H[][]KX\HۙH[YܙH[[[[\[[X[\ܝ 'S8&RRQ8'H܈8'[X[HXZH\[\[Y[[[8&RZYܛYx'H8$K[X[HXZBH^ZYH܈SPSHPRKZ[]\K[ˎ0H08(\]ˈ MLTKو ͍H Y\\ MN