AL'JIHAD : Volume One (Book) Volume One - Page 145

and to be slaughtered only for the price of a short life and material things that glitter and/or of little social values. Allah refer to these type of people as squanderers in al’Quran. For, Blacks are the oldest people of rebellion against the Law of Allah and the first to be cursed by Allah and His (Allah) Servants (the Believing Muslims Mujahidun). Some Blacks can attain Soul Salvation in AJAAUCOAO, if they accept fully Allah al’Qur-an. So, to conclude, the only Salvation for any is from Allah, in that He give you a Validtrue understanding of His al’Qur-an. Allah's Religion Is Islam, Allah's people are the Believing Muslims Mujahidun, and Allah's Law Is The Holy Qur'an. And, if you are a person who actually believes in The Supreme Being, then you are actually a person that can attain Soul Salvation. Regardless of your supposed genetic background or present way of life, for you must let the negative prejudices, racism, and lies go to the graves with your parents and/or forefathers. All of genekind (beastman, mankind, human and those who consider themselves as men) must embrace the Religion of Allah which it is Islam. Thus, I have brought forth the Valid-truth of so-called Black people and so-called white people with Valid-evidence of the foundation of the Uncreated and the Created existence of the past and present in this book of Volumes “AL’JIHAD”. Now, I shall only set the course for the fut ɔ ѕȁQѕQЁeЁ9܁]ɱ)=ɑȁ)U =<q%545!$5х䰁%())U =<%ͱAѥ9ѥ䀡%A9))U =<$@8́ѡͽѥȁAMհMمѥ)ɕɑ́ȁɕ͕ЁɥѥɅȁͽ́ѡݽɱ)]ɔ܁ѥٔѡTL]ɱݥ)QAɽ)QUѕMхѕ́ɥ́х䁵䁹ѥ́ѡݽɱ)ՔѼѡ٥ͱٕ䁽ȁɕͥͥĵɥ́Ʌѥɕͥ)ѡɽ՝ѡɥ́ѥՕ́ѼɅѥɕͥ ͕Օѱ䰁ѡUѕ)Mхѕ́ɥ ѥѥչѥ́eEȵݥѠѡፕѥѡѠ(Ѡ̸eEȵ́ѡٕɕͽݡ3e)U =<͕́)3e)U =<)U =<%ͱɕ!居Mɥ䰁11 (%!Mͥ́]ѠѡፕѥѡѠЁѠ)ЁMѥЁѡUѕMхѕ́ ѥѥ́ݡЁɕɴѡЁͱٕ)͍́ͱٕ́ɔЁɕɽͱٕ丁ȰѠѠ)ɔ٥ѕ́ѡ1܁eEȵé1ܤ!յIЁ1̸Ёѡ́ѥ)ѡUѕMхѕ́ɥ́չѼɽѕЁ͕ݥѡЁ3e)U =<)MɅѕ ͥ́AQUѕMхѕ́ɥЁЁ)U =<)MɅѕ ͥ́AՔѼ٥ѥȁձɅ䁥ͥՅѥ́)хѥѥ̸Mɕɑ́܁͠ѡQѠ剔ɥЁЁѡY)QѠЁѼѡɽɕ́ѡQѠ͕ЁѠ)U =<9є)e)ѡ!]ȵM՝ѡɥѥ䁅ɔѡͅ)ѡɽ՝ѡY͕%5ȁ)U =<(+q3e)%!tȃq%5%́9܁%ѥe)]ɱ]tL䰁%5()QЁ եȁ%545!$5х䰁%  ɅܰM UM=ԀÁ%̀((0