AL'JIHAD : Volume One (Book) Volume One - Page 122

express justifications of interpersonality (external behaviorism of one-self) and intrapersonality (internal behaviorism of one-self); the consumed influences. Thirdly, there is wisdom, which is the approval of actions, deeds, and directive sayings of approval. Next, there is belief in acceptance of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of established approvals. Finally, there is faith that includes the qualities of confidence, competence, and contentment of established beliefs by which faith causes one to adjust to any demanding situation. With belief (the mental environment) – faith remains unchanged regardless of situations. However, the best of all beliefs are the beliefs in the Oneness of Allah, Allah angels, Allah books, Allah prophets, Allah moment of resurrection, Allah moment of judgment, and Allah established Jihad. Through this belief, inherent faith is established as the best of all actualizations (realizations); the guidance that forms control. Guidance of the Control When looking for guidance from the right path, there is the vessel of control; it is the mass communication of organizing. Control is the ability to govern, direct, and restrain that which every situation demands. This control has two bodies to be governed: Political Control and Model Society Control. First, there is the Political – it includes the persuasive ability of the messenger wherein he is either a messenger who represents beastman, mankind, and human or a messenger as a man who represents Allah. The messenger of beastman, mankind, and human are persuasive beings who seek to promote evil ways in the eight beastman, the seven plagues of sin, and/or in confusion as human. The beastman, mankind, and human strives to keep the way of life and situations in a negative, conservative manner of oppression, and mankind indulges in the seven plagues at the expense of another individual, group, organization, or nation’s life by the law of beastman, mankind, and human and not by the Law (al’Shariah) of Allah (swt) al’Qur-an. Those who follow the law of beastman, mankind, and human are surely the blind, deaf, and dumb FPvv&FǒvǒVBFR&ƖBFVbBGV"FRvv&FǒFR&V7F涖BBV&’&RFWf2BƖ'2&V6W6RFW&RƖRFV"fFW'2VFFVǒF6RvfrW76VvW'2b6Vb֖FW&W7BWVFV7v&RVBƖRFP&ƖBFW&FFFRFW"BFW&R2FRW76VvW"b( 2vFVW06VbBv6ǒ7V&֗G26VbVF&Vǒ6WFVǒFR6W6Rb7wB'FRr( 6&b( W"R2FRW76VvW"v7G&7Fǒ6VV2FPvVFvRVFW'7FFrBv6FVVFVBFfR&VƖVbBfFFW7F&Ɨ6FP6FRbG'WFW7F6RV6Rg&VVFfRVGB7V66W720&Vr&FW"FW'7VFRvVVBFv&BFR&W"B&vFVW26W6Rb6GV7B &V7FGVFRRFW2F2&FW"F'VB&vFVW2FV66WG'FR&W7B6FRFP6FRbFRǒW.( FRW"v2&WfVVBf'7BFFRvV'&VV'&( BFVF&&7V&WBW76VvW"VB( &&GVSsc3 BfW"CV'2vFR&&V7V7BvVG'rFVFW'7FB6G&2gFW"ƗF722&VVW7F&Ɨ6VB'2FV66WGB2FRWfF&R7G'V7GW&RWBFVffV7B&VfW"FV66WG2FRvbƖfRf"&W76&R7G'V7GW&VB66WG@ƗF62F6VR6GVF22&vBW7FfVB"FR6'&V7BvF2&6VBW( ( N( "( ĖF2rVVFr( Bv&BvF^( ( 2'FFWB&wVFRf"D֖ƗF'2 * *(J"6W&r42#S#U4bscRvW22#