AL'JIHAD : Volume One (Book) Volume One - Page 106

of being and must be shocked back into the proper order, state of Valid-truth or the Law of Allah by the criterion of the Holy Qu’ran. If not, genekind will continue on the course of false ideas and distractions in naïve works of art, theories, hypothesis, and desires of behavior that cause perdition or damnation (self-destruction). Still, understand that the Seven Heaven Firmaments of behaviorism are the Second Stage or Creation of man; with the exception of Infinity. Before I am able to give you the total composition of man, I must first simplify the structure of the Galaxies of the Universe, starting with our Solar System (the Sun). Our Solar System, what a wonderful creation of Allah! Our Galacy and its purpose of creation will be revealed by the end of Chapter Six. When Allah created the Galactic Universe, it was an event beyond human expression, and as long as humans exist, it will always remain a wonder if AJAAUCOAO of Allah Nineteen Kinetical Behaviorism Sciences – Formula (A-19KBS-F); being al’Kabbalah (the House of Allah) of the Absolute is not accepted by you. So, as we take a glimpse into this everevolving creation of The All-Seeing (Al’Basir) and His Seven Galactic Heaven Firmaments (Relativity, Gravity, Wind [start of Air], Water, Fire, Electricity, and Earth), we find that they are forces that Allah used to fashion the existence of man. Therefore, understand that the whole Universe exists by the Seven Galatic Heaven Firmaments of behaviorism and connected elemental particles; some are separate in distance, and others are joined with two or more behaviors of elemental particles, while others may consist of all Seven Galactic Heaven Firmaments such as that of the production of man. These Seven natural wonders of scientists allow the Galactic Universe to have Solar Systems and “Milky Ways” of the Galaxies. These systems of relativity are the patterns that make up or fashion the Entire Universe. Yet, when trying to understand the Solar System, there is more to it than just the Sun, it also consists of the planets, moons, and any other forms of existence within the gravitational evolution around the Sun and the influence of its rays of radiation and gravitational pull. Still, to know your Solar System, you must start from the perspective of the Sun. Student! You must realize, as a potential valid informed pers