AL'JIHAD : Volume One (Book) Volume One - Page 102

for moral conduct to govern nations under AJAAUCOAO Kingdom Of Islam. As a man who has been blessed from Allah to experience the essence of the guidance of al’Nur, many other creations of Allah, and the Book, and The Holy Qur’an of the Book that Allah revealed through the angel Jibreel to Muhammad ‘Ibn Abdullah of Makkah in the Arabian Peninsula (the now Saudi Arabia), by giving the Book to me, Allah has grounded me with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of that which produces belief and faith. As a result of living in America, I have to break through false ideas and distractions that plague and oppress the people in the United States of America and other societies and nations of the worlds. Moreover, I continue to have experiences of the Seven Cardinal Principles and the Seven Cardinal Sexualities (Continents) Principles of AJAAUCOAO that are being refined by the translation and transliteration of the Criterion (al’Shariah) of Allah (swt) al’Qur’an. In relation to my information about the West (European countries) thus far, before all of the Western world will be guided to right conduct, dictated by the Law of Allah, they must accept the process of translation, because none of Allah’s revelations were revealed to the prophets in any European language, whether it be Greek, Latin, Russian, German, English, etc. For example, The Holy Qur’an was revealed in the Arabic language, al’Injil (the Gospel) in Arabic, however many scholars suggest al’Injil was revealed in the Aramaic (Arabic and Evreet mixed) language, and the Torah is said to have been revealed in Hebrew (Evreet = ‫) ע ב ר י ת‬, but that is an arguable situation too, because other scholars strongly suggest, based upon their research, that the Torah was also revealed also in Arabic language. Regardless of the ancient language in which the Torah was revealed, none of Allah’s revelations was revealed in any European language. Therefore, if the West wants valid guidance from The Supreme, The Everlasting Allah, they must accept the process of translation. One, translation is to render an original language of understanding in another language for those who seek understanding but do not understand the original text or put another language into simpler form. Example of translation: Friend of God = And servants of God Who are you? = ‫حبيب هللا‬ = ‫وعبد هللا‬ ‫من أنت‬ ‫هو سمكم المسلمين من قبل وفي هذا‬ “He (Allah) named you Muslims before and in this” (The Holy Qur’an 22:78). ‫فقاتل في سبيل هللا التكلف االنفسك وحرض المؤمنين‬ “Fight then in Allah’s way thou art not responsible except for thyself; and urge on the believers” (The Holy Qur’an 4:84). “AL’JIHAD” or “Imam Mahdi Is Now Implementing Al’Jihad World Wide” – by, Imam Mahdi . A Text Book Guide for IMAM MAHDI, Military, Inc.: © ® ™. Cheraw, SC. 29520 USA. : Of 765 + Pages Is 102