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popular science and scientists. Nonetheless, Electronic-valences are what cause chemical and other kinetical behaviors that cause changes or reactions. Furthermore, valences can and do cause many different types of atoms to bind and this is true of the so-called living and non-living things of existence. Consequently, other chemical reactions exist in the Atom such as the Release of Atomic Particles. Diagram: Electronic Valence Last, concerning the basic or fundamental functions of the Atom is the release of Atomic Particles. When two particles release behaviors of tangibleness though they appear to be abstract but are not, these two categories of particle releases are the Isotopes and the Free-electrons. As I have previously written, the Atom’s structure is a prototype of the entire Universe. Therefore, before I am able to give an even more distinct or accurate understanding of the universe and its behavior, I must now close the atom with a brief statement about the isotopes and the free electrons as they extend beyond their original orbits of gravitation or pull of behaviorism. First, there are the Isotopes, for they are the total number of Protons and Neutrons in the Nucleus; however, some Isotopes are stable while others are not. The stable Isotopes do not disturb the Nuclei structure because the Protons and the Neutrons are within its limited count. Then there are the unstable Isotopes, and this unstableness is present because the Protons and Neutrons do not have the same count or equal count of Protons and Neutrons in a shared Nucleus. An unstable Isotope causes rearrangement of chemical reactions, and these reactions have one of two effects: Either there will be an Electro-magnetic reaction, it is the release of radiation that converts the Nucleus into other stages of energy as it releases the unequal count of electrons that may be over the count of neutrons, or the release of Neutrons that may be over the count of Electrons. In either case, the release goes through the Nucleus and most likely will continue through the whole atom, other Atoms, and Subatomic particles until that released Subatomic particle comes upon an equal particle that will cause a valence or destruction of that Proton or Neutron. This entire Isotope’s behavior causes a process of chemical reactions, therefore, let it be borne in mind that energy cannot be destroyed; it only changes from one form of energy into another form of energy with the effect of never being destroyed on an energy level. This is true of all of Allah’s creation, even on an Infinite level (Final Change of Energy). Finally, there is the Free Eelectron; it is the release of Electrons from the outer shell of the original Atom. Free Electrons follow the same law of nature as the Isotopes and that law is that the Electron is released from its outer shell in a forward path because of other unidentified particles of chemical reaction that are beyond the intellect of scientists and their theories of “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 94