AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 847

equivalent of his (angel) spirit, and this was the same angel that Allah gave the permission to give me The Sword of AJAAUCOAO; for the spacetime (space-time) that this angel and I spent together was a most glorious communication. We traveled the earth, the Universe, and back to Cheraw, South Carolina, then back into the Heights (Heavens), where I stood before this angel. I witnessed his forehead being swiped open deep and wide by a Golden Sword flipping through one end of the Universe into Our end of the Universe into Our presence. After, the same Sword was placed in the angel’s hand. We communicated some more. Shortly after, the angel Jibri’al revealed more information to me. The angel in return swiped my forehead open with the same Sword; my head was opened deep and wide. From both of our foreheads, shone a divine Light, which I perceived intuitively to be my awakening conscious to al’Nur (Valid-truth of all things), which is one of many levels of the Holy Spirit. A moment after the bonding and binding of Our one Blessed and Blissed Spirits (al’Nur), the angel then placed the Sword in my hand; that same Sword is the Sword represented behind the shield of AJAAUCOAO (The Sword of Islam). As we continued to communicate, the angel and I reduced and grew in size, depending on the portion and worlds of the Universe (Galatic and Micro-atomic) we visited. In some situations, I would have needed an Electron-microscope to see the earth, because it appeared to be as small as an atom; even smaller than an electron in a hydrogen atom and smaller than that. Now, when I least expect,