AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 845

then rolling up the screen as the meaning of the shield follows, and at the end of the meaning, the AL’JAAUCOA-O Islam Fraternity-Sorority Shield rolls up, and then the four split screen fades to black as the credits begin to roll up the screen, then after the words, “THE END’ and TO BE CONTEINUED, the credits roll up. EXTREME CLOSE-UP SHOT WITH FOUR MESSENGERS IN THE SKY. It is observed as Imam, Imam ‘Ibn, Ameera, ‘Isa ‘Ibn and Haafiz ‘Ibn Mahdi in side AJAAUCOAO Masjid Jihad Allah Akbar making Salat. Scene fade to Imam Mahdi experiences. VOICE OVER VISUALS. 368 Before I deal with the rejecters who use justification of excuses for behavioral response, I would like to bring you a few steps closer to me (Imam HabeebAllah Subhaan Mahdi) with the intention of establishing Jihad (struggle against evil) in your body, mind, and spirit (soul). Years ago, when I was a child, God used to give me deep dreams and visions of creation and events of the tangible, abstract-tangible, and abstract of uncelestial and celestialness from the views or perspectives of genekind, but I neglected them even after many times. Allah had made it clear to me that they were accurate dreams and visions, yet I still neglected the signs of Allah until Allah started putting those life-threatening visions before me. That is when I first starting sharing my dreams with my mother, who in my early years of supernatural experiences was the first and only perosn who was bearer of witness to my experiences of accuracy and future happenings. Today, I still have accurate dreams and visions of my profile and personal profession in reflection. Now, as you are reading, I am putting my experiences in Books and Making Movies of the Experiences Allah has given me, in order to Invite to Allah al’Qur-an, Warn those of doubt, and Revealed the Destruction to the disbeliever (rejector). Also, as a teenager of about fifteen, I first entered within the Throne of Power, al’Nur, the Seventh Heaven of Infinity, the Light, the Seventh Seven Seals of Bliss – is the nearest that any of Allah’s creation can get near Him. For the Throne of Power is where Allah Himself sits and resides over and within. The night after the experience of becoming the Holy Spirit and being consciou 2bגfFR&Vr&V6R7&GVǒ6&7FW&VB'גf'7@7&VFW7FV6S( W"vBFVFBBrFVV7GVǒ'WBǐ7&GVǒrr&FFVV7GVǒB7&GVǒFB@7G&VwFVVBBW&fVBג6WfV֖G2"ƖvG2vFFRWF&G`Bv62v2ג67&GV6&7FW"W&W76VBW7BvƖ6RbגWW&V6RFF&VRwW2FBv266Vǒ766FVB"( 6( ЧvFBFגFW"r2VrGVB7FBFW2vfW2RvƖ6RbFRfFR&F6R( W"BB&FvG2GW&rFPV"vfW2RW&֗76FVFW"FRVfW'6RF6VR2VfW'67&VFvW&RfR6VVFR7G'V7GW&RbFRVF&RVfW'6RgW'FW"גFRFVVvRV'2BגGVBV'2fRB6VFW706V6F2vF2Wf7&FVB&Vrf&2bW7FV6R( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bSvW22C