AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 821

So, you're one of those healthy studs. 286 CRANE TWO SHOT - INSIDE OF E. SPORTS BAR This is a front face shot of the cowboy businessman, with the shot being over the shoulder of the waitress. COWBOY Sweety, you're not far from an anglican princess yourself, AS CAMERA SWINGS TO THE FACE VIEW OF THE WAITRESS. WAITRESS Any special non-alcoholic beer? COWBOY O'Doul's will be fine, and that'll be all. 287 ATMOSPHERE SHOT - INSIDE OF EUROPEAN SPORTS BAR This is a series of picturesque angles sh BFR&"7G&W'2W&6@6fVFW&FRfw2fWrbFR6G2fWrFR&B6v&vƶrFFP&W7G&vWfW"FR7B6BFW6wBfRFR6v&B#TDT4B$U5E$bDRR5%E2$ F226Bg&FRf"VBbFR&W7G&vFFRfWrbW'6v6p2G2BFR&B6v&rVG&6RFR&W7G&2FP6v&vƷ2֖GvbFR&W7G&FRW'6G&W22G2BvƷ2W@bFR&W7G&2FR&B6v&vƷ266W"FR66VRVf&VF6W2#44R4B$U5E$bDR5%E2$"DdETF22&6fWr6BbFR&B6v&vƶrFFR7B7F#ttR4BR5%E2$"4DR5B5D`$U5E$ХF22DtB4BbFR6v&66rFR7FF"&VBP&VG2FvFF6VRbR6VB6VRFRfVWBbRFR&W7G&FVআRW&V7G22&G&6WBV6ǒFW2fb26WBFRB6'BBR07G&VBvFW6fW2R&VfW2vfW2g&26WB226WBw0FRbFR7FF"BRWG2FVR&VfW2FRW6fW0g&2&GB6WG2FRFW"UE$TR44RU4BR5%E2$"4DRb$U5E$Х5DDU F22gV6BbFRFvFFW"2FR6v&&W76W2FRFR`6VFFvf"fgGR֖WFW2## rtR4BR5%E2$"4DRb$U5E$5DЮ( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bSvW22#