AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 814

INTERSTATE. IMAM SUBHAAN Imam Mahdi is speaking, AS THE SCENE OF THE TWO VANS CHANGES TO AN EXTREME CLOSE-UP TWO SHOT OF ABD'UL'MUHAMEEN AND CAPTAIN ABD'UL'QADUS, WITH ABD'UL'QADUS TALKING ON THE PHONE AS ABD'UL'MUHAMEEN DRIVES THE VAN. CAPT. ABD'UL'QADUS Sure as the sun appears to rise in the east and set in the west, so shall it rise in the west and set in the east. IMAM SUBHAAN None dispute concerning the messages of Allah, but those who disbelieve, so let not their control in the land deceive thee. 40:1 Assalamu Alaiykum! CAPT. ABD'UL'QADUS Wa Alaiykum Assalamu, AS THE SPLIT SCREEN SLIDES ABD'UL'MUHAMEEN AND CAPTAIN ABD'UL'QADUS OUT OF THE SCENE, IT ALLOWS THE SCREEN TO HAVE A E.C.U. SHOT OF IMAM MAHDI AS HE HANGS UP THE PHONE. 260 AERIAL SHOT - ROLLS ROYCE - OLD TOWN CHERAW, S.C. BUSINESS AREA This is a shot of the Rolls Royce as it drives through the intersection in town and passes a few store fronts, the car turns into a parking space and stops in front of a funeral home. Imam Mahdi is viewed getting out of the car and walking toward the front door of a funeral home. XXVI - 261 INT. HIGH ANGLE TWO SHOT - INSIDE OF FUNERAL HOME This shot is of a very beautiful pecan-tan skinned woman sitting at her desk looking at some business files. She has an orange juice and bagels on her desk, as easy music is heard. The sound of the door and someone walking in is heard. Imam Mahdi walks from around the corner into the scene. The woman's name is Silvia, she looks up from her papers to see who it is. She realizes it is her old friend Imam. SILVIA Imam, AS SHE GETS UP FROM HER SEAT ENTHUSIASTICALLY, THEY (IMAM MAHDI AND SILVIA) WALK TO ONE ANOTHER AND GIVE EACH OTHER A HEARTFELT EMBRACE, what a surprise. “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 858 Pages Is 814