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stretching forward, but with a slight curved outward path that causes it to reapproach itself into a 360 degrees. Acceptance of this Spherical-space theory or behavior will probably make scientists more aware of what is going on and gain keener awareness of systems and galaxies of the Universe within the path of that Sphere until it meet its starting point. But, if they are able to approach and/or pass through sough-out Universe Spherical boundries the Spherical-space increase in size. For, the limited distance by only coming to know only from Point – A back to Point – A of 360 degrees without experiencing the external (outside) nor the internal (within) the Three-hundred-sixty (360) degrees. Diagram: Hyperbolic-Space Last, you have the Hyperbolic-space theory – it is also known as the negative curvature theory because it always adds less than 180 degrees as it stretches forward inwardly into the Universe in a slightly curved angle, which it does not reapproach itself but appears to because of its spiralness; thus spiraling inward. However, this spiralness, if it attempts to make an evolution, it will be within (internal) of its first and previous elusive evolution. Consequently, if the theorist of hyperbolic-space had the technology to prove its theory, it would only have the possible capacity to examine information or existence within its first and previous evolution in an inward traveling path of the Universe in causing Scientist to increase in knowledge in its on observable environment. As a result, the three theories (Flat-space, Spherical-space, and Hyperbolic-space) explaining the shape of the Universe from the perspective schools of thoughts and the most popular astrologists’ theories are not the rout to approach Infinity. You can see that the shape of the Universe will never be proven by their insinuated theories because genekind will never produce a spacecraft or technology to test their information of belief, even if they were to build technology to travel at the speed of light years. At the distance that light travels in a year (about six trillion miles) is the greatest phenomenom for man discovery to put measurement on Space- time (Time-space). A spacecraft that would be able to exhaust this distance in one hour would be ideal, and then if Allah were to give them a zillion to a trillion years to travel this distance to try and prove their theories, still it could not be proven because they will never reach an end destination of the Universe, due to the nature of an endless Universe. If the theorists just continue in exploring for new experiences and information, their knowledge process system will always increase as long as they are able to sustain their life support system. With this information concerning astrology, I have given the astrologists’ three claimed theories a new, better view, and more defined terms than that of Flat, Spherical, and Hyperbolic space. Astrologists’ neglect their own being as genekind and their relationship to existence, not just to the Universe, but also to the Absolute Universe Allah (swt). There are two different entities of created being: Uvim (Mujahidun) and un-uvim (Here sayer). I have named the three different structures of space traveling: Flat-space – Interpersonal Siyda or Straight Ahead “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 80