AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 798

we cover every aspect of the spectrum of life. 197 CLOSE TWO SHOT - U.S.C. BALCONY This shot is of the back view of HabeebAllah and Inas. HabeebAllah turns 180 degrees facing the camera, as Inas turns 90 degrees facing HabeebAllah. INAS HabeebAllah, what caused you to initiate an organization such as AL'JAAUCOA-O into being. HABEEBALLAH Well, ever since I could distinguish right from wrong, I carried this eternal bliss lamp of valid truth, AS HE TURNS AND LOOKS INTO INAS'S EYES, not to speak as mister-know- it-all, but Allah has commanded the Believing Muslims to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. Still, I don't care what it is, I know without a doubt, whether, CAMERA ZOOM-IN TO A CLOSE-UP TWO SHOT, one is expressing the truth or expressing a lie regardless of the form of communication. And if Allah commands me to give something mercy, I would be patient and let one correct itself, but if Allah commands me to destroy something, then I will seek knowledge and skills only righteously from the start of creation to the present, just to be successful in initiating the destruction of my present objective for destruction. Consequently, out of all my searching in my life up to this point, I found only one man with a book and a sword of valid truth, justice, peace, freedom, love, joy, that which is impossible to be wrong, for that man is who we both follow and honor and not worship, the prophet Muhammad 'Ibn Abd'Ul'Lah of the Arabian peninsula over 1400 years ago, AS INAS LOOKS INTENTLY AT HABEEBALLAH, WITH HABEEBALLAH LOOKING RANDOMLY INTO INAS'S EYES. See, Inas, after the first century of the p &WBFRVV֖W0bBFR66VB&VƖWfrW6Ɩ2BV'&6VBFPǒW"vBFW7F'FVB6WGFrW6''WB6֖2BФ6֖266WFW2f"F22FRfW'&V6v&WfV26FW"RfW'6RRVG&VB6WfV$BF6Rv'VB7VRF6W6R&F6ҒBFVF6&VƖVbBF6W6RF7VrFR&VƖWfW'2B&VgVvRf"vFRv"v7BB2W76VvW"&Vf&RBFWv6W'Fǒ7vV#vRFW6&VBVvB'WBvBB&V'0vFW72FBFW&R6W'FǒƖ'2 UE$TR44RU4BR22DdETF26B2b2rfW'GFVFfRऄ$TT$rR6VR2GVRFFR6Rf7G2b6''WF2( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bSvW22s