AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 774

cabinet where dining utensils are, light from the joining room shines in. Visual b.g. offer in the joining room, there is no furniture to be seen in the joining room, the room appears to be fully carpeted, a few prayer rugs are on the floor in the joined room, and there are windows that view the front of the building. There is an old man (Shaik Abd'Ul'Basir) that is blind and he is sitting on the floor, and also in front of him, there is an open Holy Qur'n in braille on a qur'n stand, the man is a heavy set man dressed as a middle eastern Arab, he has a long gray beard and bald head, he sits there and moves his right hand index finger across the pages of the book. The sound of Arabic is heard from a form of technology as b.g. sound as the men in the dining room talking dominates the arabic sound. Yet there is also another entrance door to the dining room that goes down a hallway where there are other rooms of the apartment. 127 HIGH ANGLE THREE SHOT - DINING ROOM This shot views Abd'Ul'Qadus the national trainer, Abd'Ul'Muhameen the commercial and Abd'Ul'Saleem the regional military trainer seated at an eight- seated dining table. There is a map of a prison on the table as the Believing Muslims who are dressed like white American businessmen, though Abd'Ul'Muhameen is white, Abd'Ul'Qadus is Arab and Abd'Ul'Saleem is black tone skinned. ABD'UL'QADUS For we have the skills of one another to carry out this mission of him whom Allah has placed in authority over us, so to be successful in our objectives, we have three scenarios that must be error-free, concerning transportation, weapons and escape plan, HE LOOKS BACK AND FORTH AT EACH MAN AS HE SPEAKS, however, choose the 66V&FBRfVVFBR&R7@6f'F&RvFBr֗7FW2&Vv&FW72bvBPfRFFF77W&R֗7FW2"WfFV6RbW"֗76@B4U$Ԕd"DtDU"4BbDPD$TRT$BuTtTTTऒvFRFRFFfRbFRG&7'FFGVRFFRGW&f7@FBג"2b'G2BW'G26vFWB&&VЦvWBFW6RVFFR֖FFRV7BvFWB7W76DR4T@bDR$$2TE2#dU"4TDU"4BDr$ХF26B2fW"FR6VFW"vF&6fWrb&BuVtVVVvF66FRfWrb&BuVuGW2f6rFRVG&6RbFRvB&BuVu6VVЦf6rFv&BFRvBvF6&BuVt&6"ffW&r"rf7V2R'V'02fvW"7&72FRvR6RFVR7FG2Wg&BbRbFR&W 'Vw2B7F'G22&W"6B( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bSvW22ss@