AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 76

man, will become more and more distinct of recognizable features. Apparently, in an effort to inspire your spirit with the strength of Holy Protection, which brings assurance and security of peace to one’s being of existence. It does not matter what a person’s doctrinal religion is, for the comforter visits Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sabians, Margians, Neglectors, Rejecters, Assimilators, Separators, Revolutionists, etc., and most of the assurances of the Uvim (Mujahidun), who have a bond with many forms of Comforters and do not mistake the identity of various comforters who are familiar with each other. Due to the fact of false ideas and distractions of miseducation, corrupt systems, tampered revelations, misguided doctrinal religious leaders, and other schools of thought, most people take these experiences of this man- featured Comforter as Allah Himself, and further multitudes of people take this form of the Comforter as being various prophets, consequently, take the Comforter for worship polytheist (pantheist, atheist, devil, etc.). These experience with the Comforter mostly prompt people to become ministers, iman, priest, and so on, yet they only become polytheists in the state of Ash- Shirk-Al-Mukhabah (false ideas and distractions in associating or ascribing a partner to Allah [swt]), if he and/or she intellectual capacity is not balanced with Allah (swt) al’Qur-an in His Religion Islam. As a result of my spiritual experiences, which still continue as an adult, it is and always has been the spark of association and infinite relativity that causes me to persevere with aspiration in truth, endeavor, respect, nobility, intelligence or scholarship in rational spiritual, academic, religious, political and model society to verify or support my experiences among the scholars and sages in institutions, temples, and wilderness of the worlds. Consequently, among the many scholars and sages with whom I have come 6F7BǒfWrbFVBfƖFGFFV"&wVVG2FFFFV"66RFBBV&ǒWFVBVVv&VFFאWW&V6W2v6V&VBFWW7BFV"6FW2662b&F7&GV6FV֖2&VƖvW2ƗF6FV66WGB&V7FfRvVFvRVFW'7FFrv6F&VƖVbBfFbFVvG3FVvWBFRW&FfRf&FFח6Vbv6&VƖWfRv0FRv6W7B66RBFBFR"vR&W6Fr'&ǖvVV&Vf&R&F'&VvBFR6f&FbFRVBbג6V&6FBBv2fƖFǒfW"f"B&RVW7F2&WBFRW7FV6RbB27&VFbgVFVFWF6&VFfGbvvBvVvW&RvBrr7G&fR&BFR6W6RbvFח6V`VF&VǒF7wBגW'6B&Vvw2vFWBFV'B"fV"b( 07&VFג&VƖWfrW6Ɩ( VGV7V&֗766ҒFFFRv6RwW2bFRv&B&Vv&FW72bW"7FGW2"6GVF2v6FPVW7F2bvvBvVvW&RvBrrFRrFB2FRǐG'VRvCrFRrFB6B"&WfVVBF7G&&VƖvvWBФF6&vSF&W76R'6sB2&V6W6R&WfV2FRǐW.( BbR7F&VV7BgFW"6V"&wVVG2FVB2&V6W6R&VV$7V&&N( V( &FF66'FR7&FW&b( W.( ( n( ( ~( ( ( BbRgW'FW"6&fRBFFV&WfVFR'FRW&֗76b7wBFBfRW'6f&VFWW&V6W2WFVV66V6W2v6VFאF&W6V6RvVVBWrFRf&V( 2UDTTUD50$Td$44T4U2d$T"%2bvR3bF2&"FPVFvFFRW6WFbFR&&7V&WBW76VvW'2FW&Vf&RF&WfV2&&ǒFBfR&V"vFW72FFRfVFFbFF7&VF26W'fBv2&VVWBWF&G'FR7&VF"F&VvFRfW76Vb( T4FV`R6FVRF&VV7BFR6FRb( W"FBW"&BFR&BbFRv&G22vfV( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bC"vW22s`