AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 755

INDIAN CHIEF My son! Much time has passed between you and me, and the servants of The Creator have been and are with you, however, I was sent to further inspire and to bring more news of assurity to your heart, mind and spirit. For, son, you are up against much, and your enemies are in numbers, but you have something that guarantees your success, therefore, never give up son! In that which Allah has established in your heart, mind and spirit. 70 THREE SHOT - GHOST SHOT CONTINUES In the Two Shot of HabeebAllah and the Indian Chief, an Indian elder woman walks into the frame and speaks to HabeebAllah, but before she gets a chance to speak, HabeebAllah enthusiastically speaks to her. The Ind vw26FP2F&'&v6R2rvg6W7FWBFR"FB6W2FBvW2FFPVwF֖GvbW"&6ऄ$TT$w&VBw&FFW"w&VBw&FFW"DTDU"tw&VBw&G6WfW"vfRWFR6W6Rv6RƗfRvPW7B6RFWBRrvF77W&GFBFRWB7FW2FgW'FW"W7F&Ɨ6&vFVW6W722G'VǒW"vW"w&FVBFR'FRvBsdU"4Bt5B4B4DTU0FRF&VR6Bb&VV$F6VbBFVFW"vVpV&ǒGvVFW2Fvr6W7FWB"vƷ2FFRg&Rg&B`FRFW"GvF2'WB6R7V2vFW"WFvR6VFVW6ǒW6pBFVFrF&VV$WB&Vf&R6R7V2&VV$7W'&6vǒBVFW67F6ǒ7V2FW"ऄ$TT$w&VBw&G67FW"ג67FW"TrDE&VV$ג'&FW"V6RV6RrVFW'7FB@fRFRv6FF&VƖWfRvBW"&VG2fRW&W76VBFRf"F22FR7V66W72bW"fFFRv&Bv6PrƗfRFW&Vf&RvR6VfRr'6vrRrFPW2vRƗfRrr&R'WFW72W'2VV֖W2`B26W'fG26V6R&VV$VBvFRWfW"VWfW"WB7FW"F&V7Fv607VFRWFF2Bf"W"WW&V6W2&Rw&VB`GW&B7WW&GW&f7G2BV&W'2( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bSvW22sS