AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 749

sword is placed in the angel's hand, and the angel and Imam Subhaan communicate some more. ANGEL'S VOICE I am the servant of THE GOD of creation Who comes to give you the seven shields of creation in which all that exist of creation comes from, in order that you may impress upon the minds and spread widely among those of your time of all the worlds of that We have given you to experience. 49 TWO SHOT Shortly after that revealing, the angel in return swipes Imam Subhaan's forehead with the same sword in which it opened his head wide and deep, and from both of their foreheads a divine light shines into one another's foreheads, then the angel puts the gold sword into the right hand of Imam Subhaan Mahdi. ANGEL'S VOICE Take this sword and revelation and guide and protect as your ancient forefathers the prophets from Adam to Muhammad 'Ibn Abdullah, on whose shoulders you stand, as we are servants of Allah, I shall always be with you, THEN THE ANGEL'S AND THE IMAM SUBHAAN'S FIGURES MERGE AS ONE. 50 FULL SHOT - KNOCKING SOUND Young Imam Subhaan is in the universe, there are ten knocks as if they were from a door, each knock represents a scene with a full shot of Imam Subhaan in each scene. First knock, Imam Subhaan in scene of infinity. Second knock, Imam Subhaan in scene of universe. Third knock, Imam Subhaan in scene of galaxy. Fourth knock, Imam Subhaan in scene of milky way. Fifth knock, Imam Subhaan in scene of solar system, Sixth knock, Imam Subhaan in scene of earth. Seventh knock, Imam Subhaan in scene of atom. Eighth knock, Imam Subhaan back in bed room as a young person sitting midway bFR&VBvFFV'2fvrg&2f6RFBFVF67V&w2GW&&&'&FW"2FR6FR6FR`FRF"b7V&w2ff6RvFeT4Bb$54b5T$v2Cb$4W"'&FW"&6b5T$6RSeT4Bdd4R4DRD ( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bSvW22sC