AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 746

37 EXTREME CLOSE SHOT - IMAM SUBHAAN'S HAND An extreme close shop of Imam Subhaan's hand with a piece of paper between his hand and the desk, the glitter of his ring strikes audience, ORGANIZATION RING, right hand. IMAM SUBHAAN Brothers, I personally want to tell you that you are some of the best men that I have in this system of the new world order, and we are all blessed to be believing muslims. However, the codes of success lie on this paper, and remember, you know you are not allwoed to be at a distance of a hundred miles of me and the headqarters for any unsuccessful mission. IMAM SUBHAAN STANDS UP FROM HIS DESK AND WALKS AROUND TO THE THREE MEN TO EMBRACE THEM ISLAMICALLY, AND THEY STAND TO BE EMBRACED. WHILE EMBRACING, IMAM SUBHAAN SAYS, "assalamu alaikum wa barrakatu wa rahmatullah," TO EACH MAN, and THE WORDS ARE TRANSLATED IN ENGLISH AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN FOR THE AUDIENCE. "PEACE BE WITH YOU, BLESSINGS AND THE MERCY OF ALLAH." 38 ATMOSPHERE SHOTS IN ROOM A series of picturesque angles of the room and people departing from Imam Subhaan's office offer visual, the three men (amirs) walk out of the office first, Sister Lateefa walks out the door last and closes it, as Imam Subhaan goes back to his seat to relax, then he reflects upon his spiritual experiences past with an angel who showed him creation and his duty as a man, A FLASH OF WHITE LIGHT FOR SCENE CHANGE. 39 FULL SHOT - IMAM SUBHAAN - AS A NINTEEN YEAR OLD A full shot of an Indian tan young man lying in his bed, with short hair and no facial hair, dressed in nig BG2BF&rfW"r&&RvVvƷ266VR2FF6r7G&vB&B"FvF2֖FFR&6vFvFR&&RR7F2&WBGvfVWBg&FR&VBBFRv7BbFRVrt$E2$RdU$$Œ5T%UBDU$Ru$EDT@DR$EDbDR45$TT$T4U4RbDT"5$ET4T4DtT&6R6W'fBbDRtB6Rf'F6FB6rR7&VFFRgWGW&RBW"GWG26W'fBBvV@b( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bSvW22sC