AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 726

Scatterers, is the ideal show on Sunday from 10pm to 11pm on the Warner Brothers Network. This show is a drama and more. It is an actuality and reality show that relates to every aspect of a person life. Life is a serious thing, in that media reflects life and life reflects media. ABC has The Practice on primetime, and NBC has Law & Order, two television shows that strive to shape society in a progressive way. Warner Brothers Tarzan and local programming are not logical shows for a progressive society for primetime televiewing. The Holy One And The Scatterers is geared and designed to attract all people, regardless of their background and/or belief; however, it will need a rating for each night for televiewing. In television today, all shows have a certain limited audience to appeal. The motion picture The Holy One and/or The Holy One And The Scatters is not the situation for their audiences’ televiewing on primetime. This show will enlighten the audience by allowing them to see in a new perspective. Its viewers will come to know things they have only wondered about. And, this show is the only one that can bring all viewe '2FFPWW&V6W27GVƗGB&VƗGb&F7&GV6FV֖2&VƖvW2ƗF6FV66WGBW"7B&V7FfW27V&B&N( V( &&VfV7G2FRG&`G'WFW7F6RV6Rg&VVFfRVG7V66W72BW72fW"FVWf66rFRǒRBFR66GFW&W'22FRǒ6rFRv&BFB2FR&ƗGF&WfVVRFR7BW"WG&VW2b7W'fffRFRBfV"( 06VFVW6ǒf"bv&W"'&FW'26VV2F&RWGv&vF6R6W&W6W72FWW7B66WBג&6( T4$N( T( $VFVХ&GV7F22B4TԖFFRǒW2F6VV( ĖF( ( FPǒ^( ( FRǒW2BFR66GFW&W'>( v6W6R$2$2fBFW"WGv&2F6VVW"VFW'6Bf6"6VBvRvF$2$2U"fFRǒRBFR66GFW&W'22f6bF&VRƖR&GV7F67G2RƖR&GV7F2G&W"BFR67BbC3( 2f"&W6VFFGvƖP&GV7F2fVGW&RfBFR67BbCr( 2f""6V2B7BƖR&GV7F2FRf7fbvVVǒFVWf66rBFR67BbC( 0W"W6FR6''WF2fǒ&V6VBFRVG2bFRV'FBWf2&VVFRFV"f"6VV֖rFFRVRFRǒRBFR66GFW&W'22Gv7F'ƖPF7GW&R7V&26V"B6WfVB7FFRVfW'6G6WfVBVvR&N( V( &2FBFW&Fff'2FBW7BVWBFV FVFƖW27GVƗG7V&B&N( V( &&RFR6RW'6vvPV&F&RFR&VFVVW"FB2'&fRV'FFFRfW"FRv&BF2F7GW&RFBFR66GFW&W'22FRǒ6rFRv&BFB2FP&ƗGF&WfVVR7BW"WG&VW2bG'WFW7F6RV6Rg&VVFfRVG7V66W72W727W'ffFRBfV"6VFVW6ǒ2&vF7GW&R6F7CF&cb6W&r6WF6&Ɩ#S#U4R3C2cCvV'6FSwwrV66ФVâV66Ю( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bSvW22s#`