AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 724

Promotional Hook At the end of each millennium (1,000 years), the religious await their Savior and the scholars look towards the future with aspiration of the dawn of advanced knowledge. However, the start of this millennium the people recognized the Redeemer of the world as they recognized their own sons, but due to traditions of the people from their forefathers, the people have doubt in the Redeemer. The Redeemer is the people only means of survival in this world life and guide to salvation to the Hereafter. Consequently, due to the people mixed e’motions of the free will to do as they please versus the limits of free will not to do as one pleases under the authority of the Redeemer, they so long awaited. The Redeemer appearance means the people’s lifestyle must change to be positive and prosperous, in which the people do not know that they are actual living devils in need of guidance to the straight path. Many films promise to strike an e’motion from its audience, but Imam Mahdi And The Scatterers is truly an original motion picture of extreme survival, love, hate, and fear simultaneously. $130,000 is for finished Islam documentary national release. $7 million is for based finance for production and débuted talents of feature film. $100 million is for “The Holy One” 100 Islam episodes of 25 minutes prime-time television. $243,800 is for basic business start-up and $989,890 is for strategic business start-up. Note: Major talent is always the objective for Imam Mahdi / The Holy One BFP66GFW&W'2vWfW"vFVB2v7&V6RFRf6R'VFvWB( @DDRŒRBDR44EDU$U%0G&VFVCWFƖRFfP4T&VV$7V&&N( V( &F6''WF2fǒ&V6VBFRVG2bFRV'FBWf2&VVFRFV f"6VV֖rFFRVRFW&VƖWfRFRg&VRvFF2FWV6RFRv&BआvWfW"FRVRfF&VƗRFBFRv&B2BFV'2vBvrFPv&B&Vw2FFR&VFVVW"FR&VFVVW"2V&VBV'FF7V&GVRFPVF&Rv&BVfW'6RVFW"2vfV77FV҇2Fr&W6VBFRW76VvW'2FR6vV2FWfB6V7&B&6rg&V'F&VƗfRFvfV'F2W76VvW"F&VvFRfW76V`T4F2&b( BFRǒRBFR66GFW&W'22Gv7F'ƖRFBFW26R2vVW26Ɩf&B6WfVBN( 27GVfR&6VBW'6( 2ƖfR&VpVB'Gv6&7FW'2v6Rv2bƖfR&RVVVǒ76W76VB'FRGW&@7WW&GW&v&G27V&26VvR7GVFVBB6WfVB7FFRVfW'6GB( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bSvW22s#@