AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 709

call Exhibit – C (a). I told Steve Weaver that I always drove over the pipe to registrar my check point. Steve Weaver replied by saying thank you for being honest about that. I ask him was there a problem? He said that was all I wanted to know, so we both hung-up the phones. Four, the following week all security had a meeting with Jamie Lambert who is NUCOR training and safety person. During this meeting Jamie Lambert spoke on the fact that I drove across the pipe at Exhibit – C (a). Jamie Lambert continues to inform us in the meeting that the pipe is a gas line above ground. The pipe had become cracked and could have been a very hazardous explosion. Jamie Lambert continued by saying, the pipes is coming from the tall gas tanks down the hill from the location it was driven over. Jamie Lambert informed us that the registrar check point will be moved from that location. Jamie Lambert asked is there anyone with any questions. I, Imam Mahdi, responded by saying; there were no hazard sign or warning sign to identify FPRVWfVbv2R2VFW&w&VB"v&W2&RVFW&w&VBFW&RvVB&R6PGRb&B6vFFVRBFFrFW&R֖R&W'Bǒ&W76RFג7FFVV@v2FB( ĒVFW'7FBvBR&R6~( FW&Rv26FVB&W'Bw&GFVWPFFR&V6W72VFvW&VB&7F6VB'FVfVFG2&fW766V7W&G2BT4"5DTTv2B7F26fW"Wg&4BFR66VGFPƗfW2bT4"5DTTVVW2BFR66VG&R7F&W6VBFvW"WFVW72B2&VV7FRv&Vf&VBf"RF'&fW766V7W&G2BT4"5DTT66RF26FVBdU%D4T@FFfbW6Rb6f6ƗFW2F67&֖F&7F6VB'FVfVFG0&fW766V7W&G2BT4"5DTTC"R22 *r3v2FBBFW6PT4"&W7G&'T4"VVR֖R&W'BB&fW766V7W&G62( 27WW'f6"7FWfRvVfW"v2FBFW6RBWG6FR2Rג&VG2( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bC"vW22s