AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 706

that the government will intervene to stop the individuals who have violated your civil rights from continuing to do so. Injunctive relief is the only remedy available for many civil rights violations, including those under the Federal anti-discrimination statutes. PLAINTIFF IMAM MAHDI APPEAL RESPONSE TO DEFENDANT A P PROFESSIONAL SECURITY COMPANY, LLC AND NUCOR STILL MILL, INC. EMPLOYMENT HOSTILE AND DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICES IN OPPOSITION TO PLAINTIFF Peace be upon you! I, Imam Mahdi, prayed that I would not have to take this route with A P PROFESSIONAL SECURITY COMPANY, LLC and NUCOR STILL MILL, INC., but they force me to continue. Nonetheless, it is The Creator of the Heavens and earth decree that extends whatever we may think we control, for we are only tools to expose oppression by truth. Therefore, if you do not care about my employment and me and my family well-being, for I will not care about your employment and you and your families well-being “Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth”. I will follow the law to the end until Justice is on my side, regardless of how it will affect those who a &RG2Fd%5B4T@2DFfb&rBf&rF67&֖F&7F6VB'FVfVFB&fW766V7W&G3v2VVBg&bR#"FBR#BFRFbא&Rv26VB&WBג&VƖv'F&RvFVvW'22vFW72ƗfVB6W&r6WF6&ƖBv&VB6v6WF6&Ɩ7GVFVN( 2'FVB6W67F6&ƖVfW'6GFR6G&7BVFVBBFR6v6Fv6v0&V76vVBF6FFR6Vg&BBFRfW&F'Fח'FR&V6FW6R'0vW&R'BFRvWfW"גf'7B6Fv2GvVfR"W'2FvRFRFW"6Fv2VvBW'2FFW&Vf&R6F&RFrRF7FFRVVBƗ7@( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bC"vW22s`