AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 695

Islam. An AL’JAAUCOA-O / ALJAAUCOAO / AJAAUCOAO is a member who works building social institutions which reflect The Guidance of Allah, that which establish the member as a Mu’minum Muslimun Mujahidun (Believing Muslim Holy-War- Struggler). All Mujahidun (s) are free (without slavery or bondage) because of the worship of The Oneness of Allah in His religion Islam and accepts every law in the Quran (al’Qur-an). There is no other Salvation available with Valid-truth on earth, other than AJAAUCOAO entities of Soul Salvation: IMAM MAHDI : Entities 1. 'ISA MAHDI, Islam La’Riba Exchange, Inc. (Profitable Corporation) Established on November 07, 2016. Available. 2. AMEERA MAHDI, Suites & Transportation, Inc. (Profitable Corporation) Established on November 07, 2016. Available. 3. IMAM MAHDI, Military, Inc. (Non-profitable Corporation) Established on May 28, 2013. Available. 4. AJAAUCOAO Islam Native Descendant Indians American Nation (INDIAN), or AJAAUCOAO INDIAN (Non-profitable Corporation) Established on February 6, 2012. Available. 5. AL’JAAUCOA-O Masjid Jihad Allahu Akbar, (Non-profitable Corporation) Established on July 13 and 14, 1993. Available. 6. AL’JAAUCOA-O ABD’UL’BAQI Medium Productions, Inc. (Profitable C- Corporation) Established on October 9 th , 1997. Available. 7. AJAAUCOAO Islam Political Nation Agency (IPNA) (Non-profitable Corporation) Established on May 26 th , 2011. Available. 8. AJAAUCOAO Masjid Jihad Allah Akbar, (Non-profitable Corporation) Established on May 26th, 2011. Available. 9. AJAAUCOAO Islam Extreme Holyland Security Agency, LLC. (IEHSA) (Profitable C-Corporation) Established on July 7-11, 2011. Available. “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 695