AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 686

rest; I will not relent in waging this struggle for freedom and security for the American people. The course of this conflict is not known, yet its outcome is certain. Freedom and fear, justice and cruelty, have always been at war, and we know that God is not neutral between them. (Applause.) Fellow citizens, we'll meet violence with patient justice -- assured of the rightness of our cause, and confident of the victories to come. In all that lies before us, may God grant us wisdom, and may He watch over the United States of America. Thank you. (Applause.)” (Reference: George W. Bush Address to the Nation Washington, DC September 20, 2001. al’Mujahidun or Holy-war-struggler are a jointed words translated from the word al’Jihad that comes from Allah al’Qur-an. Allah has commanded the Believing Muslim Mujahidun to carry out Jihad in one-self and on the entire world. Allah has commanded that everyone be subjected by the Law of His Q W.( 7&VFVBFw2vVVBvVRֶBFB@7&VFRFrRǒW&RBF66fW"vB2&VG&VV7&VFVBv6PB2W.( 2FVfVB2FW'&&7BvV&vRr'W627W'FW'2&RFW'&&7B@FR66VBW6Ɩ2v'VB7VRFVF6&VƖVbBv"v7BB0W76VvW"&RFW'&&7G2&VƖWfrW6ƖVGV2BF7FBFR7VRbFW'&&7BW6Ɩ&V6W6PFW766FRVBSsc3"4RV6R&RWbFR&&V7V0&Vr'FW"vFFW6RW6Ɩ2&RƖ'2VBf&&BF2&7F6R6VbB2f&VB262FB766Fr'FW'2vF2V6&R'FP6VW72Vf&RVW72B2'Bb2֖ƗF'66VRv7BFW6RfF'2`( FvBFR&VƖWfrW6ƖVGV2BF7FBFW6RǗFV7BW6Ɩ27VRvRFR&VƖWfrW6Ɩ2VGVW7BƗfRV6F2bB2W"7BF2'FVgW'FW"vRW7B6ƗfRV6F&W&F2bvR&RvrFƗfR'FƖfRf&WfW"6VRFW&R2FffW&V6R&WGvVV( BFRǒv"BFW'&&6'W6( 2&U4&W6FV7BFV"7W'FW'2FRf'7BBfv&rg&Ff"( B0FRWG&VR7&BFB2V6W76'F&R&VƖWfrW6Ɩ( BvWfW"7G&fW2&B7G&fW0f"6VbB7W&Vǒ26Vb7Vff6VB&fRVVBb27&VGW&W>( #b( FR&VƖWfW'2&RF6Rǒv&VƖWfRB2W76VvW"FVFWFV'BBB7G'VvvR&BBvFFV"vVFBFV"ƗfW2FRvb7V6&RFPG'WFgVW2"uW"CR( FRFW'2&6g&rFR&VƖWfW'2BF6&VB'W'BF6Rv7G&fP&B( 2vvFFV"&W'GBFV"W'62( VGV&RBWV2FRFR7G&fW'2vFFV"&W'GBFV"W'62( VGVFW6VFRFW'2Ц&6vFVw&VRBFV62&֗6VBvBB2w&FVBFFP7G&fW'2( VGV&fRFRFW'2&6֖vG&Wv&B( >( ( W"CR( B2v&BvFRWfW'WfVbWFVVWF6&Vf&66V6W0f&V%2b66VF"^( F27GVƗFյ&VƗFB6G&Rvb&Fr7&GV6FV֖2&VƖvƗF6FV66WG"FW'W'6666W22G&W'6666W2B666W2R7V"666W2b7WW"666W2rvWF2666W2B( W"0'F&Vw2B276&RF6W&FRFRWFVV66V6W2B2f7VfW"गB26FR6rvW&RFW&R&P( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bC"vW22c