AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 681

seek. Quite a few years ago, during the war of America and Iraq in 1989, a time period when I was in Cheraw – South Carolina, a librarian (so-called White lady) asked me two questions concerning the War? She knowing that I am a practicing Believing Muslim ask the first question? Why don't you join the Army and help America in the War? The second question, why must you attack American Blacks from being good Americans? I gave her answers to both. The answer to the first question was as a Believing Muslim who accepts Allah as The GOD and the Holy Qur'an as the Law of That GOD, I must never kill a Believing Muslim intentionally in helping disbelievers. Any who believe and accept the same as I believe and accept, I shall never go against in a slaughtering (killing) manner, regardless of their level of awareness of The Religion of Allah which is Islam. And to fight with a country (America) which is anti-Islam and their associate countries who rally on many levels against Islam. Allah has forbid Believing Muslims (Mujahidun) help any against your Brother in the Religion Islam. Still, a few so-called Islamic countries were manipulated in fighting against their believing brother in Islam. The Believing Muslim who fought and/or fight against America and their allies were attack first by America and her allies. Now, it is because the Mujahidun chose to fight against those disbelievers who sought to bring mischief in the lands by stealing the Believing Muslim Mujahidun natural resources are considered to be the terrorist; no, America and their allies are the culprit (A person responsible for a crime or other and/or the cause of a problem or defect). I shall never assist America to help kill a Believing Muslim Mujahidun, even if it means my life. If I kill or be killed, it will be in the cause of Allah and not in the cause of an immoral government (s) who oppresses (The 13 th and 14 th Amendments of the US Constitution). To continue, the answer to the second question? It is not that I stop Blacks from being good Americans, but it is my duty to shed the Valid-truth on so-called Black people as well as so- called White people of their so-called identity, and all others. I invite, warn, and Jihad by the Law of al’Qur-an in my experiences and intentions to help others. So, I said to the librarian (so- called White lady), “Why must you attack my character for being a Believing Muslim Mujahidun as a product of America, the World, and Universe? I am a person who seeks to give all the wisdom of a moral being; it is a talent that Allah gave me. In your eyes mam, shouldn't I be considered to be the best American, instead of a Mujahidun hated by so-called White people, ignorant (blind, deaf, and dumb) so-called Black people who worship the so-called White Jesus Christ? However, before any to come into a firm grip of why I and other Valid Believing Muslims are established with belief and faith in this manner al’Jihad, they first must understand concerning America and the known and unknow v&G2b&W76FWW7BVFW'7FBW&6@6fƖ7B7B&W6VBBgWGW&RWBf"F6RbRvFwBrbFRV'2F@fR76VBv6FRfƖBG'WFbFRFFW6W&6v2'VCFRVFV@7FFW2bW&626VG''VBfbFRFVF2&B7vVBBFV'2bFR66VBFfPW&6F2Bg&6&6226fW2g&FRV'2bCBv66FVRFF2FFR&W76'27FW6RFR6RF7F72F&RFRV'Fv&BrvFG267FW B'&FW"F27V62WW&R66RV7FW&6VG&W2BFW"766FRƖV@f&6W2FRRbFRVFVBv&BVwVR"VFVBF2W&6BƖW2f6RFV0BF7G&7F2&RFW6vVBF7FWBFRRbB&ƗGFW2FW&R2ǐR&W76RFBfRf"FV"GFVBBFB3f"2&WfVVB6rFRǐW"v&WBFRVV֖W2bB26W'fB%FWBVBf"0FR&W7BbW'2"rvVvrF&Vv6FW"RRvvWBvƖ6RbFP( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bC"vW22c