AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 679

POPE Imam Mahdi is in America with the IMAM MAHDI – Military, how are you going to control him? AMERICAN PRESIDENT There is no control of him. It would be suicide for me, my administration, and our interest for the American people. POPE Well, as we all can see, Imam Mahdi believe that your interest for the American people is not a good interest. So use you President authority to have the Mahdi kill. JEWISH PRESIDENT OF ISRAEL I agree. SAUDI KING I disagree. JEWISH PRESIDENT You disagree! Imam Mahdi presently has the Imam Mahdi – Military in full force. Every Mosque in America supports the Mahdi, whether they do it openly or in secret; they support Imam Mahdi with all their resources. He is in full force to end Christianity, Judaism, Opposing Muslims, Atheism, Polytheism, and Pantheism. Imam Mahdi is presently carrying out al’Jihad on the world against oppression, wherever it exist to him by the Law of al’Qur-an. Oppression is what we were to control. Imam Mahdi has launched a full war against us as oppressors and polytheist. President, he is in your country; United States of America. And from my understanding from a reliable source, Imam Mahdi also lives here in Morocco. And let’s not forget Imam Mahdi objective to destroy Saudi Arabia for raising the flag that associate Muhammad as being a partner of Allah. And further, the same intent Imam Mahdi has for Morocco who he propagates Muhammad has a partner with Allah and hides it behind the star on the Moroccan flag. AMERICAN PRESIDENT Yes, Imam Mahdi has gain great support in American against the world, whom he consider is opposing Allah al’Qur-an. He believe that al’Qur-an shall govern the world through AJAAUCOAO Kingdom Of Islam. Imam Mahdi now has his government in place in America: IMAM MAHDI, Military, Inc.; AJAAUCOAO Islam Native Descendant Indians American Nation (INDIAN); AL’JAAUCOA-O Masjid Jihad Allahu Akbar; AL’JAAUCOA-O ABD’UL’BAQI Medium Productions, Inc.; AJAAUCOAO Islam Political Nation Agency (IPNA); AJAAUCOAO Masjid Jihad Allah Akbar; and AJAAUCOAO Islam Extreme Holyland Security Agency, LLC. (IEHSA). As a Native American or AJAAUCOAO Islam Native Descendant Indians Ame &6FDF2&W76r@7&VFrrFR76W2FBFRVFVB7FFW2bW&66G&7B2&VVFW&֖Fr@F6RvFW&6GVRF7FV67WFbFW'&F'R2ǒfFrFFR6fFখT4Bv&rF6Rv&VV7BBƖrF6RvFFRvw&W76v7BBbT4VFFW2( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bC"vW22cs