AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 649

American culture and mysticism. She wrote thirteen novels, five volumes of poetry, two collections of short stories, and seven other books. For many years she was a contributor to The New Yorker and other journals. And second, according to Piers Vitebsky in the book “The Shaman” the spirits seek you. What is a Shaman? What does Shaman actually do? What effect is there on the people around them? How can the world of the Shaman be violent and disturbing? Pronunciation Sham-an, Sharman, Shay-man, Medicine man/woman, Sorcerer-magician, Witch-doctor, Priest, Social- workers, and everything has a Spirit. And also, Shaman believes that a person can have more than one soul. “Shamanic logic starts from the idea that the soul can leave the body. This happens to everyone at death, but the experience of dreaming is taken to show that the soul can also wander independently and return without causing death. Shamanic societies often see soul flight during trance as a controlled form dreaming, in which shamans turn an involuntary form of universal human experience into a controlled technique. Many peoples believe that humans have more than one soul. Shamans’ souls can travel to other realms, and laypersons’ souls may be kidnapped by spirits or enemy shamans while their bodies remain, for the time being, alive. The soul which wanders represents the person’s consciousness or personality, while the soul which stays behind keeps the body’s metabolism functioning. If the first of these souls does not return, the second soul will not survive ling without it. In parts of southeast Asia it is considered dangerous to wake people too suddenly in case their dream soul does not have time to return safely (14).” (The Shaman; by, Piers Vitebsky, Copyright © 1995 by Duncan Baird Publishers, London, England. Text Copyright © 1995 by Piers Vitebsky.). Yet, man shall never die, whether he be beastman, mankind, and human in Hell or man in The Blissful Paradise. The hard and stiff of ignorance will be broken, but the hard and stiff of man with the Valid-truth implements confidence and vanguard. The men respond with Valid-truth according to the dictation of life situations; appropriately. Still, there is a deeper insight that I can add to the Sage belief based upon the Sanskrit word “Namaste” (I honor the place in you where we are all one). Yes, we are all one at a certain level in The God creation, and it is the Light of The God that exists in all of us at the same time; I am you and you are me. However, you can be taught this on the pages of books, but if you have never experienced the Light of Infinity then you will never know its true effect. A person can want to be a Sage, a Priest, a Mahdi, a Rabbi, or whatever! But, if those people never experience the Light that is everywhere simultaneously, then the above mentioned titles do not represent them; they are fraudulent. The G