AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 64

Compassionate, the King, the Monarch, the Holy One, the Vigilant, the Controller, the Creator, etc.). The One-hundred Attributes are the valid true racism, prejudice, and discrimination by the Criterion of the Holy Qur’an of Allah’s creation. If any one seeks or the world and truly seeks to be happy, they must be grounded with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, belief, and faith of the perceivable attributes of Allah (swt), because if you are not careful of your personal sunnah (action, deeds, and directive saying of approvals) soul may have a terrible destination (Smokeless Hell Fire). There are only two places of Eternal Resting of the Soul, and they are Hell and Heaven of Infinity; either your soul will abide in the Smokeless Hell Fire of Infinity (the Light – al’Nur), or it will abide in the Blissful Paradise of Infinity (the Light – al’Nur) in which the Light (al’Nur), as I have previously written, al’Nur is of One creational existence with two effects: the Smokeless Fire and Blissful Bliss of Infinity. For, al’Nur is Allah’s first creation and we (people) are that Nur in a reproductive stage (the Universe). People are an extended version of the second creation that consists of the stars, galaxies, and the whole of the widespread Universe. So, by trillions and zillions of light years and more, our local solar system of stars (planets), moon, and earth were able to develop a niche or populational existence containing species for life-germ development and the that which produces the evolution of beast, beastman, mankind, human, and then to man – with man being Khalifa’Allah (Deputy of Allah) as Authority and/or Ruler on and in the earth in that man would be able to meet his basic survival needs (necessities). However, Adam was the first to become a complete man (righteous) out of all the beast-natured of mankind and hues of man (human, mankind, and beastman). For Adam’s knowledge, wisdom, understanding, faith, and belief are what he bestowed upon Eve though deception came many years later. However, they (Adam and Eve) are all of mankind, humans, and man’s father and mother and not Allah. Note: The beastman is an evolved being that is able to reproduce with Mankind, Hu Bf"F2&V626BFR&VƗfrW6ƖVGVBF&RFFRvFFRF6&VƖWfW &V6W6RRFRFWf’2VVVגF&WG2BR'&6W2FfBW7W2W&"VBf"FW&R66G&VbFBWfRvB2BFBFPǒW.( &WfV2&WBF26GVF( 6G&VbFWBBFRFWf6VGV6RR2RWVVBW"&VG0g&FRv&FVVƖrfbg&FVFV"6Fr&vFVW27FFRb֖BFBR֖vB6rFVFV"6RR7W&Vǒ6VW2RR2vV027Bg&vV6RR6VRFVB7W&VǒvRfRFRFRFWf2F&PFRg&VG2bF6Rv&VƖWfRN( ǒW.( s#r( 6VW7BFRBFBFW27V&֗76vWfW"2FRVfV2@vWfW"2FRV'FBFR7VBFRBFR7F'2BFRVF0BFRG&VW2BFR2BbFRVSBFW&R&RFv67F6VVB2GVRBRv&6W2R6vfRЦ"7W&VǒFW2vBRV6W>( ǒW.( ##( 7W&Vǒ2'&VvBg&FR&VƖWfW'2FV"W'62BFV"&W'GЧFV'2&WGW&2FRv&FVFWfvB( 2v6FW6B&P6B2&֗6Rv62&FrFRF&BFRv7V@FRW.( ( ǒW.( 2&W7VBbF2&Vrw&GFV&WB( 2f'7BB6V6B7&VF2R2F&P( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bC"vW22c