AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 633

4. 5. Uthman ibn ‘Affan (Rashidum Khalifa: 644 to 656 CE.) ’Ali ibn abi-Talib (Rashidum Khalifa: 656 to 661 CE.) The Four Rightly Guided Deputies (Khalifat) of the Prophet Muhammad ‘Ibn Abdullah only taught al’Qur-an and they were to only ones known as Mujtahid – those that are able to exercise the valid (that which is impossible to be wrong) truth; known as al’Qur-an. The beginning of the Khalifah (Caliphate) of ‘Ali in 656 and ‘Ali assassination was in 661 CE. Here are a few religious personalities. I also present the Shia timeline of Islam continuing triumph over all religions: ‘Ali was the First-Imam of Shia in 656 CE.; Hasan was the Second-Imam of Shia in 669 CE.; Husayn was the Third-Imam of Shia in 680 CE.; ‘Ali, Zaynu’l-‘Abidin was the Fourth-Imam of Shia in 713 CE.; Muhammad al-Baqir was the Fifth-Imam of Shia in 735 CE.; Ja’fa as-Sadiq was the Sixth-Imam of Shia in 765 CE.; Musa al-Kazim was the Seventh-Imam of Shia in 799 CE.; ‘Ali ar-Rida was the Eighth-Imam of Shia in 818 CE.; Muhammad at-Taqi was the Ninth-Imam of Shia in 835 CE.; ‘Ali al-Hadi was the Tenth- Imam of Shia in 868 CE.; Hasan al-‘Askari was the Eleventh-Imam of Shia in 873 CE.; and after 1,092 years Imam Mahdi was born in 1965 CE.; he is not an Occultation of Twelve Imam of Imamates. For, Imam Mahdi is the First-Imam of AJAAUCOAO Kingdom Of Islam. Imam Mahdi was born in Allah first creation (al’Nur); the Blissful Paradise. In 1965 CE, Imam Mahdi was giving a rebirth into the animal kingdom and genekind (beastman, mankind, human, and man) on earth. Imam Mahdi of AJAAUCOAO United Nation Of Islam are now presenting you with a list of people who felt that they should write books about the Nabi-Rasul Muhammad (pbuh) after his death (d.) in 632 CE. and the death of the Four Rightly Guided Deputies (Rashidun Khalifat), in which Muhammad forbid anyone to write anything about him. Note that after the death of Nabi-Rasul Muhammad and the Four Rashidun Khalifat many of the Jews, Christian, and other polytheists scholars took the oath or covenant of being believing Muslims and changed their names to Islam Arabic ones in-order to write Hadith of the Nabi-Rasul Muhammad that would mis-lead the people in the future, in which these devil also practice this scheme or plan of manipulation or deception today. Now they (the covenant breakers) have put the Nabi-Rasul Muhammad as a partner with Him who created him, further, those who follow these Hadith have violated the Sabt (Sabbath) of Allah by not practicing it, in which the list of violation of al'Qur-an goes on of those who follow these Hadith. These Hadith followers wonder why The Wraith of Allah (swt) is upon them as they are being killed and turned out from their homes; for they are cursed by Allah (swt) in this world life and in the Hereafter. However, as long as a person is breathing air through their lungs (is alive) in making a conscious decision -- then that person is in position to seek Salvation in Repenting by accepting the Oath (Covenant) of Tawhid (Knowledge, wisdom, understanding, belief, and faith in the worship in The Oneness of Allah; without [do not] associating any with Allah as partner [Shirk/Polytheist]) under the Authority of Imam Mahdi and through the Vessel of AL'JAAUCOA-O United Nation Of Islam (UNOI): 1. Abu Hanifa (d. 767 CE.) - is the writer of al'Hanifa Hadith (the first Hadith) 135 years after the death of the Nabi-Rasul in 632 CE. 2. Al’Bukari (d. 870 CE.) – is the writer of al’Bukari Hadith 238 years after the death of the Nabi-Rasul in 632 CE. 3. Muslim (d. 875 CE.) – is the writer o