AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 629

mastering my own true power as I seek to be successful in this world life. “To see things in the seed, that is genius.” Some of us can see things a little deeper than other; it might be good health and/or it might be a gift. Whatever it is, to see things in the seed, that is genius, because you will know the root of a person, place, and/or thing. Knowing the root of anything, you are better to understand its function and abilities of stability. To see the seed of something you might understand its strength and weakness. However, the product of a seed can work to your favor or not work in your favor, because you cannot be successful in anything if you do not know its function. Therefore, to see things in the seed, that is genius; for success. I believe it is great wisdom to apply to see things in the seed, which is genius. You are not quick to judge when you first see something; you wait and see. The initial start to be a genius, if you are not born a genius, you must take a scientific stand point: observation, testing, observation again, hypothesis, and then theoretical outlook; this is with doubt. Theories are vVW2v2FB&V7BbW7FV6R'WBB2BFR7W&R7vW"F6VRFw2FP6VVBFRfƖBG'WFvVW22g&FRvBb7&VFB2&VrvVW2vFWBFV'BFPVF2FRVWB&WfWFT4vFb62W&6BFRv&B@&vRǒ6V6fFF2ƖfRBFRW&VgFW"B2vVW2F&VƗR"7GVƗR7B66W2bR&R&B6VVB"vB6VVB'WBB2&RvVW2F7G&fRW"7FFVVBF&V7B6rB&fF&RvBB&vFVW26VVB'r( W.( 6vrR6FFFvB2ǒR6GVFFBvrFVFW"FR&Ɨ76gV&F6SvWfW"B2VG&VBW&6VB76&RFVFW"FR&Ɨ76gV&F6RvFWBBFvB2FRv'6vFvVFvRVFW'7FFrv6F&VƖVbBfFvFWB766FRb2FW FBvFWBWGFr'FW"vFf"v'6bRWBF2&VƖVbF&7F6Rv6vRR6FF+r( f"&RvV2wV&FrFR66WVV6W2b2FVVG2&Vf&RB&V@vwV&B'( 26B7W&Vǒ6vW2BFR6FFbVRVFFW6vRFV"v6FFBvVFVG2WfFVRFW&R2fW'FrBB&W6FW2FWfR&FV7F.( ǒW"У3FRvW7BWfVbFW'&&62&Vr&7F6RFRVFVB7FFRbW&6'R`FW7F2Bf&VvW6Ɩ3FR֗6VFrbFRVR'WGFrVB2'FW"vF6'&V7BBfFb7wEW"ⓠ ( MM~( ( }MN( ( ( ( ~( ( ^( ( ( ( ^( ( ( ( ~( ( ~( ( N( ( ( ( >( ( ( ( (  ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ƒ#( bB2VVvf"vFW72( ( ƒ#VB2FRW76VvW"`( b( W"C##ख6'&V7BfFb( W"ⓢRbFRW6Ɩ2F2fW'6R2B( W"( =M~( ( }~( ( ]ݘ]~( ( =n( ( =}~( ( MM~( ( ~( ( }M~( ( ( ( =n( ( =}~( &V"vFW72FW&R2tBW6WBB&V"vFW72FBVB026W'fBBW76VvW"( BFRFvVRv6FVB6( ( N( ( 2'FvW&R&Rג766FW2vP * *(J"bC"vW22c#