AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 612

DEFENDANT – IMAM MAHDI VERSES PLAINTIFF FAIRFAX COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT ON FEBRUARY 25 TH , 2012 ARE THE ACTUAL PROCEEDENC. 11. I, Defendant – Imam Mahdi was driving South Bound on Richmond Highway between Collard Street and Lockheed Blvd. at about 00:30 am on February 25, 2012. It was mid- way between the two streets that I notice a Police Officer with the lights on. I was the only car other than the Officer going South Bound between the two traffic lights of Collard Street and Lockheed Blvd. at the time. The other traffic had stopped at the light on Collard Street, however, I, Imam Mahdi was about 33 yards ahead of them because they were the traffic from the crossing street of Beacon Hill Rd. in which I had pass previously. 12. I, Defendant – Imam Mahdi starting bringing my vehicle to a slow stop as I drove under the traffic light at the crossing of Lockheed Blvd. and Richmond Highway. There is a Exxon Gas station at the corner to my right as I drove South Bound on Richmond Highway SR1, therefore, I pass it entrance so that I would not block other drivers from getting gas; as I pulled to make a complete stop. 13. First, Defendant Imam Mahdi is not guilty of any charge that Plaintiff – Officer has brought against him (Defendant – Imam Mahdi). 14. I, Defendant – Imam Mahdi sat in my SUV until the Officer came to my vehicle door. The Officer did not identify herself; she just ask me to step out the vehicle and walk to the back; so I, Defendant – Imam Mahdi did. 15. Plaintiff – Officer said to Defendant – Imam Mahdi to “Turn around and put his hands up and spread them against the back window of the vehicle (Lincoln Navigator) and to spread the legs apart so that you may be searched.” So, I did. 16. Plaintiff – Officer finished the search and asked Defendant – Imam Mahdi to turn around; so I did. Then, Plaintiff – Officer asked Defendant – Imam Mahdi “Where are you coming from?” Defendant – Imam Mahdi replied by saying, “Where I am coming from do not concern you.” Next, Defendant asked the Plaintiff – Officer, “Why did you stop me?” Plaintiff – Officer replied by saying “You drove through a red light!” Defendant – Imam Mahdi replied, “No, I did not, that light was on green.” Plaintiff – Officer asked Defendant – Imam Mahdi “Step to the curve and wait till I come back, I am going to search you vehicle. Do you have any drugs or anything illegal in your vehicle?” Defendant – Imam Mahdi replied, “No, I do not have anything in my vehicle illegal!” “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 612