AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 606

are the oldest people of rebellion against the Law of Allah and the first to be cursed by Allah and His (Allah) Servants (the Believing Muslims Mujahidun). Some Blacks can attain Soul Salvation in AJAAUCOAO, if they accept fully Allah al’Qur-an. So, to conclude, the only Salvation for any is from Allah, in that He give you a Valid-true understanding of His al’Qur-an. Allah's Religion Is Islam, Allah's people are the Believing Muslims Mujahidun, and Allah's Law Is The Holy Qur'an. And, if you are a person who actually believes in The Supreme Being, then you are actually a person that can attain Soul Salvation. Regardless of your supposed genetic background or present way of lif, for you must let the negative prejudices, racism, and lies go to the graves with your parents and/or forefathers. All of genekind (beastman, mankind, human and those who consider themselves as men) must embrace the Religion of Allah which it is Islam. Thus, I have brought forth the Valid-truth and Blacks Valid-evidence of the foundation of the Uncreated and the Created existence of the past and present in this book of “AL’JIHAD”. Now, I shall only set the course for the future in Chapter Thirteen, "The Ancient Yet New World Order AJAAUCOAO" and “IMAM MAHDI, Military, Inc. AJAAUCOAO Islam Political Nation Agency (A-IPNA) AJAAUCOAO I.P.N.A. is the only solution for All People in Soul Salvation; regardless of your present belief, origin, genetic-race, or social-class in the world. We are now active in the U.S.A. and World-wide. The Problem: The United States of America is on attack by many nations and people of the world, due to the evil of slavery or oppression since 1441-AD. America has practice oppression through the centuries and continues to practice. Consequently, the United States of America Constitution foundation is al’Qur-an. Al’Qur-an is the very reason why AL’JAAUCOA-O has set AL’JAAUCOA-O / AJAAUCOAO Islam Extreme Holyland Security Agency, LLC. (IEHSA) business in place. With the exception of the 13 th Amendment and 14 th Amendment Section 4 of the United States Constitution is what reaffirm that slaves and all descendants of slaves are not free from slavery. For, 13 th and 14 th Amendments are violates the Law of al’Quran (Allah’s Law) and Human Right Laws. At this time, the United States of America is unable to protect herself without AL’JAAUCOA-O Strategic Business Plan. The United States of America must accept AJAAUCOAO Strategic Business Plan, due to being a victim of her vulnerability in situations and statistics. So, regardless of how harsh the Truth maybe, America must accept the Valid Truth and adjust to the procedures of the Truth set forth by AJAAUCOAO. Note: al’Jihad (the Holy-War-Struggle) and the America Destiny are one of the same through the Vessel of Imam Mahdi and/or AJAAUCOAO. Imam Mahdi message to Native Americans (the so-called Indian Native Americans and the so-called Black Slave descendants of America): I. “Due to the Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision with Mr. Justice Daniel presiding on December Term 1856 mandated that the Negro slaves are not citizens (Dred Scott, Plaintiff in error, v. John F. Sanford). The only way that so-called Black African American Slaves get their freedom is that the Dred Scott, Plaintiff in error, v. John F. Sanford decision is overturned and abolished from the Supreme Court records; until then every people are interpreting the law while you so-called Black African American Slaves remain in slavery of oppression and “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 606 are the oldest people of rebellion against the Law of Allah and the first to be cursed by Allah and His (Allah) Servants (the Believing Muslims Mujahidun). 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