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Muslim father and a Cherokee mother. Shortly after his release by the police, Drew Ali died at age 43 at his home in Chicago on July 20, 1929. P OST W ORLD W AR – II: 1945 - 1963 (1983) Mayor Diane Feinstein - San Francisco approved Japanese Americans $1,250 for years of Relocation Centers. (1984) Reparations were approved for Germany and Japan and other smaller countries. (1987) Mayor Ton Bradley of Los Angeles gave each Japanese Americans $5,000 H.R.442 20,000. Paul Robeson (1898 - ?) Princeton, New Jersey Football player - lawyer - militant speeches Founded the Council of African Affairs in New York City (Anti-Imperialists Must Defend Africa) M.S.G. - N.Y.C. on June 6, 1946 The Negro - and I mean American Negroes as well as West Indians and Africans - have a direct and firsthand understanding, which most other people lack, of what imperialist exploitation and oppression are. With him it is no far off theoretical problem. In his daily life he experiences the same system of job discrimination, segregation, and denial of democratic rights whereby the imperialist overlords keep hundreds of millions of people in colonial subjugation throughout the world. The one basic difference is that her in America the Negro has the law, at least partially, and in some sections of the country, on his side. And, he has powerful allies in the ranks of white organized labor directly involved in his daily fight for justice. In Africa, in the West Indies, and in Asia, the colonial peoples wage a desperate struggle for recognition simply as human beings. As human beings to whom human rights are due. And these colonial peoples fight alone in each country, along except for the help which reaches them from afar, from world-conscious labor in free countries and from other anti-fascist, anti- imperialist forces . . . The race is on, in Africa as in every other part of the world, the race between the forces of progress and democracy on the one side and the forces if imperialism and reaction on the other. And undeveloped and unmeasured wealth of resources, is a major prize which the imperialists covet and which we, and anti-imperialists, must defend . . . Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill…The United Nations: 1941 - April 12, 1945; 50 countries approved. In World War – I, President Wilson and others conceived the League of Nations, but unsuccessfully. Thurgood Marshall: Born in Baltimore in 1915 "Segregation and Desegregation" Lincoln University, Harvard Law School: (1938 NAACP staff - Director of Legal Defense and Education Fund) “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 599