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It was Robert Browne Elliot 1842-1884. His speech on The First Civil Rights Bill Introduced by Senator Charles Sumner in Congress in the fall of 1871. Sumner's bill proposed to secure equality of civil rights to Negroes all over the country, and prohibited discrimination. In February, 1875, after Sumner's death, an emasculated version of his bill omitted discrimination, it became a law. In 1883 the United States Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the Civil Rights Act of 1875. "The Constitution of a free government ought always to be construed in favor of human rights. Indeed, the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments, in positive words, invest Congress with the power to It has not always been easy. From time to time large and vocal minorities have founded third parties. On a few occasions such parties as the Populist, Socialist, Prohibition, and the various Progressive parties have garnered a sizable popular vote and occasionally a few electoral voters. But in every case, the effect of the third party has been to force one or both of the major parties to accept enough of the third-party program to win away its supporters. There is an ebb and flow between the parties. Loyalty does not run too deep, and American voters have realized they are electing leaders, not a party. The remarkable resiliency of the two-party system exists because of that seemingly irrational winner- take-all system for choosing leaders. Bolting the party to form a separate party offers no chance at all of winning. Candidates win by landslides or by a single, disputed vote, yet the change is orderly. Right now the nation rings with cries of "Black Power." This is a concept that urges America's 12-percent Negro minority to bond together who make best use of their economic and political power. So, the winner-takes-all system, while wasteful of leadership, is not so irrational. Nor it is the fact that a party victory seems to have so little value strange. In a maturing democracy, any change in leadership should be orderly. Our governmental "sameness," regardless of which party comes to power, also occurs because the office makes the man “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 594