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Jefferson -- Thomas Jefferson, who had not been a member of the Constitutional Convention, felt farmers, not businessmen, were the most valuable citizens. He advocated states' rights, majority rule, strict construction of the Constitution, rotation in office, and the right of revolution. For the first dozen years Hamilton and the Federalists prevailed. Washington, while nominally nonpartisan, actually favored the Federalist viewpoint. The Federalists, having successfully obtained ratification of the Constitution, were dominant in Congress. Many of Hamilton's ideas were adopted and they helped shape the nation that exists today. But in the end Jefferson prevailed, largely because he did what many a political leader has done ever since - he "went to the people." Unable to control Congress or the Electoral College, he set out to change the membership of both bodies through political action. He organized those men whom he persuaded to accept his viewpoint into a political party. Obviously, there were more farmers than manufacturers, more "common men" than aristocrats. The efforts of the Democrat-Republican party created by Jefferson led to a rapid broadening of suffrage, which in turn quickly altered the composition of state legislatures and thus the Electoral College. The Republican party came into existence almost overnight as an antislavery party. It began as a series of antislavery rallies in the Midwest in 1854. By 1856 it had called a national convention, with the delegates mostly self-appointed. Buchanan, from Pennsylvania, was “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 584