AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 558

c) Emotional Roadblocks – The receiver blocks out the message because he feels it is wrong or bad and he gets very emotional when this particular subject is discussed i.e., abortion, capital punishment, religion, or politics are some examples. 4. Listening Halfway – When we listen to the verbal statement alone, and ignore, or are totally unaware of the sender’s tone of voice, gestures, facial expression, or body language. In this example, we are road-blocking communication especially in a “helping situation” where the sender is really communicating a problem of concern to the listener. 5. Evaluation and/or Listening For Agreement And Disagreement – When the listener Judges or Evaluates the speaker rather than listening to comprehend the message, he is demonstrating an Evaluation Road-block. When the receiver is listening in order to respond in terms of approval or disapproval, he tends to lose the capacity for listening with understanding. 6. Neglecting To Use “Feedback” When Needed – When the receiver neglects to feed his understanding of a message back to the sender, When In Doubt As To Its Meaning. Or when the message is ambiguous and could be understood more than one way. However, the Six Principles are receiving roadblocks, while the Five Pillars are sending roadblocks, and they both are of the devil inherent evil. Therefore, when looking at the ritual bases of the devil's five pillars, we can further understand why he (devil) is a rival enemy of Allah and the righteous man. Iblis (Devil) Sending A Message (Sending-roadblocks): Iblis (Devil/Satan) Five Pillars of Evil (Polytheism, Pantheism, and Atheism) are to be conscious and avoid when “putting across” a message. 1. Talking Down To A listener – No one appreciates being talked down to, or degraded by someone else. The normal reaction for the receiver is to block out or roadblock the sender’s message. 2. Dictatorial Attitude – People resent attitudes such as: “I’m the boss, I know better than you do, and you had better not forget it.” (Threatening att itude). A somewhat superior attitude exhibited “continuously” by the supervisor possible due to his feelings of insecurity and thereby causes a road-block by the receiver. 3. Usurping the sender’s Role – This is the individual who’s in the Sender’s Role by virtue of the fact that he “changed the subject” while another person was talking. Changing the subject to “I” themselves while interrupting the speaker. 4. Miscellaneous Individual Idiosyncrasies – Is where the speaker has a scar, burn, birthmark, nervous habit, or a deformity of some kind which would distract the attention of the listener away from the verbal message he is trying to impart. 5. Reading Silence As Agreement Or Understanding – Is where the Speaker has given instruction or spoken to someone and Assumes they understand his message rather than “solicit feedback” to check their understanding of what he said. As you, my audience can see the devil is an immoral being who is a thief, liar, and slaughtering villain of the Islam Community (worlds and/or Universe). And, as you can also see, when it comes to the Religion of the righteous man of Allah, for his Seven Principles and Five Pillars are his (man's) belief (senven – 7) and faith (five – 5). Therefore, his (man's) Imam (7) and Islam (5) are manifested through the nineteen wardens. It is with the righteous man 360 degrees of spherical influence on each warden being the spectrum of the religious aware (man) of Allah's Decree (Will of Authority). “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 558