AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 55

Judaism Is Not A Religion Of Allah ( ‫ם‬ ‫י‬ ‫ה‬ ‫לּ‬ ‫א‬ ‫ה‬ ) The God of the Heavens and earth ( Part – I ): Consequently, in the above Ayats (verses) you can see that there are no creational differences between un-celestial experienced men (ordinary conscious) and celestial experienced men (unordinary conscious), for they are all of Allah’s first creation. The difference between un- celestial and celestial men is the same difference with all men, and that is the valid accurate awareness or conscious experience (not doctrinal, but actual presence) of the nineteen kinetical behaviors that are of the existence of man and the valid true ranks of Allah’s degrees or lights of awareness. So the difference between all men, regardless of how they came into this world, is the valid awareness of the seven firmaments, the seven continents or sexualities, and the seven lights, but as I have previously mentioned of these twenty-one existing kinetical elements, infinity is attached to each of