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to measure it. Our atmospheric environment also causes us as genekind to accept time. It is to say all aspects of time whether fast, medium and/or slow, and measurable and/or immeasurable. Therefore, when understanding the seasons, it is a school of thought that implies temperature change. Temperature changes varies with Summer implies hot temperature, Fall implies lukewarm and chilly temperature, Winter implies cold temperature, and Spring implies windy chilly and warm temperature. As I have expressed earlier, the state of South Carolina receives all seasons, however, it is not the situation of all parts of the United States of America, nor with all the countries of the world. Due to the Earth's axis, rotation, evolution, and revolution in relation to the Sun, and with the Earth's size, it is the atmospheric environment which consists of kinetics distance and kinetics time that causes the Earth to have various terrains and ocean seas. It is most obvious appeals are the forest, grass, desert, ocean, ice, and tropic. I have traveled this country called North America quite a few times. One thing you notice about this country, it is how the terrain of this nation changes. There is so much beauty in the land of this nation. It brings the worst and the best out of those who live here, visit here, and those who seek to associate with Her (America). Many reasons people becomes effected and/or affected by Her, depending on their intentions and discipline. America and the people who live in Her with their attitudes, influences, and persuasions of both the evil and good, America is a country that you must keep you faculties (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and touch) on strong, brave, clear, and conscious levels if you are to survive with harmony. When it comes to the system of America and those who support it are mostly elements of established pride. Those of you who do not know, you will learn by the end of this chapter how inherently evil America. However, let it be borne in the minds of my audience that America is a system and not the land, though the land is effected and affected by the system of America. All of creation belongs to Allah. The servants of Allah are to govern the world. They are to establish government in Allah's creation by revealed Law (Revelation) al’Qur-an. To continue in North America, you will find the terrains consisting of the forest-lands in all parts of the Eastern states from Maine to Florida; including, the Central states partially. It is not to say that the forests don't exist out West, because they do! With such states as Oregon and Washington. Also, there are the grass-lands in this country in such states as Florida to Louisiana, and that it is not to say the grass-lands do not exist in other states, because they do. Next, there are the desert-lands. Nevada is the state where the most popular desert in the United States are located, though there are other semi-deserts in this country. Another, there are the oceans of North America. We know without much thought oceans exist on both sides of the United States of America (East and West); of the United States. They are the Atlantic Ocean on the East of this country and then there is the Pacific Ocean on the West of this country, however, these are just the least of waters that exist in or around this country. The gulfs, lakes, and rivers exist in and all around North America. In addition to the above in the United States of America, it has the ice-land state Alaska. Yet, due to the nature of the seasons of the United States, many of the states of this country experience ice throughout the year; more commonly in the Winter months. And last, there are the tropic-lands, however it is a most seasoning advent. Meaning, rain comes and goes throughout all the seasons in the United States, even to the degree where many states, towns, and cities experience floods. In Washington, Oregon, and Northern California, for you will find scattered tropics. Nonetheless, it is to say that North America experiences all seasons, that which it conditions our terrain and they have an effect on our oceans. Consequently, in other parts of the world the majority of their country exists with one type of terrain and no ocean, little ocean, or much ocean depending on the geographical location. For example, the country of my Beloved Religion, Islam, is the Arabian Peninsula or Saudi Arabia. It is a country that is mostly desert. It is surrounded by “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 549