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is a normal standard though the world is corrupt and mean, in which I shall simplify this normality through the first man; Adam. Out of my thirty-one years as a species of genekind, I have never met a man. I am in a community that has the Law (the Holy Qur'an), in which it was revealed to a man. Thus, all revelations were revealed to men (prophets), however, these men have all passed away. Now, The God Allah of all Whom He is the Author of creation has given me a gift to give to the worlds. It is the gift of manhood (man). See! my life has great meaning to me, due to my experiences. One of my many experiences is the meeting with six of the prophets of Allah whom they were Adam, Ibrahim, Musa, Sulaiman, Dawuud, and one other who did not identify himself nor did he speak to me as the other five did. I had a deep instinct of who that prophet was, however I will take that to my grave with me. They (the prophets) taught me the nature of the man, woman, and immortality through the examples of different situations. In this chapter, I just want to bring you, my audience, to the knowledge of Adam and how he was the first man to ever walk the face of the Earth. Yet, let it be borne in mind that all people are not men and women. As I reflect upon my forefather Adam, I think about the purest man that ever walked the face of the Earth, a man who knew nothing of evil, a man of the greatest patience and perseverance. So, as I think or reflect upon the life of the twenty-five prophets, with Adam being the first of them, Whom Allah has mentioned in the Holy Qur'an, in which Allah has blessed me to become conscious on how they (the prophets) represented the success of every situation and/or scenario of what individuals and/or genekind shall be faced with and go through in this life and in the Hereafter, though genekind might not be as successful as the prophets due to the simple fact that they may practice the discipline and patience it takes to be a success in this life as well as the Hereafter as the prophets did when dealing with good and evil, that which caused them (the prophets) to practice Al'Jihad (the Holy Struggle within self and in the world). For Adam was the first man that Allah used to direct Himself (Allah) back to paradise (Heaven-Infinity), and to Whom He (Allah) gave the Seven Seals and the Nineteen Flaming Swords, because Adam was a man who knew only good (righteousness). Therefore, I shall use the structural behavior of Adam in order that genekind will be able to accept the valid truth through knowledge of normality or the normal man by the Law of The Supreme God Allah, which is the Holy Qur'an. Nonetheless, before this first man came to be, my audience must know and understand the atmosphere in which he lived. Atmosphere - Section Three As I have previously written, there is much to be expressed about Earth. However, I just want to bring my audience at this time to the Atmosphere in which Adam lived. Yet, before I am able to give you the best understanding of Adam's environment, I believe I first must use an example of an environment that my audience is more familiar with. When I bring you back to Adam and the arrival of Eve, I believe that your minds will be a lot more open and perceptible to their environment and life style. Therefore, we as genekind must have a firm understanding of the word atmosphere. The word atmosphere, according to the Webster's Third New International Dictionary, means. One— A gaseous mass enveloping a heavenly body [as a planet or satellite]. Two— A supposed medium around various bodies. Three— The air of a given place or locality especially as affected by a particular characteristic [as heat, moisture, wholesomeness, or unwholesomeness]. And, Four— A conditioning surrounding influence; mental or moral environment; physical milieu viewed as having a mental or moral influence. So, with the above “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 547