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ready to identify to exist without doubt, in that which we call the Earth. With Earth being the first on this seven structured topic, it is the element that is transformed into the Physical. The physical is the entire person's body, though some aspects of the body are more abstract in existence than that of other aspects of the body. Second, there is Electricity, a non-living element that is transformed into the Mental, for the mental is another name that is accepted as the mind of a person. So, let it be established as fact that the mind is the computer chip of the body and all information is stored in the mind. And also, know that there are many minds in this one main mind. Let it further be borne in mind that there can occur mental blocks on various minds, just as there can be a block on a computer, meaning that no information appears to enter the mind and/or be revealed from the mind. It is an odd and not so common case situation when the mind shuts down, but it does happen, just as it may occur on a computer (computer block or glitch). Third, there is Fire, for it is the element that is transformed into E'motion, meaning that all of creation has motion. When the non-living is transformed into the living, it is life that gives it E'motion or that which also it is called feelings. Next, there is the element Water, for all life evolved out of Water (Oceans-Seas). Remember, in chapter one you learned how water fell as rain due to the earth's atmosphere level, yet it was too hot for life to be on the surface of earth because their blood would boil at 212 degrees. Although, at deep sea level life was able to take its course due to the fact that the temperature was less than half of 212 degrees. Nonetheless, I would have to write another book just to bring my audience to that level of understanding aquatic life. In this book of “AL’JIHAD”, I still will reflect upon the degrees of the nature of genekind as I bring you, my audience, to the level of a Valid-true man. So, when it comes to Water which comprises over half of a person's body, it is an element that is transformed into Realization. Then, there is Wind (Air), the element which it is a created effect due to movements of elements. The Air (Wind) movement can be tangible, abstract-tangible, and/or abstract. Wind (Air) will always be present in creation whether detected or not detected, "It's there," therefore, Wind (Air) is the element that is transformed into Control. It is in every action there is a reaction, meaning, people are Reactionary beings on all levels of existence. Further, we come to the element that pushes and pulls simultaneously, or should I say compression and rarefaction, that which it is known as Gravity. For, all of creation is subjected to gravity with the exception of Relativity. Due to the effect of Gravity on the five elements (earth, electricity, fire, water, and wind) in the Universe, Gravity become transformed into Will. And last of the transformed elements, yet the first of all creation, the established Alpha (Α) and Omega (Ω) of creation, we come to Relativity. Relativity is of and are of all creation. When it comes to Relativity, it is the boundary of creation, as to Gravity is the boundary of genekind's Limit of Free Will; with the exception of technologies use to assist people in space travel. Therefore, as genekind takes his course in creation, Relativity is the element that is transformed into Infinity. Infinity is acquired aspect of genekind, in which he seeks to reach and to know. As a result to evolution of the species of genekind, they will always be drawn to the seven non-living firmaments, while experiencing the seven living firmaments; the behaviors of the first Man—Adam. My objective in this chapter is to give you, my audience, the basic structure of genekind; its behavioral levels. A nurse who aids mental and special needs individuals asked me one day, can any person really define the standard for normal behavior? While knowing the professionals of this society (North America), for they base their objectives on a country that practices abnormalities and dysfunctionalit ies. I was about to answer her question, but someone entered into our small atmosphere. So, due to the nature of our environment at that time, I decided to get back with her on that subject matter. Although I never did. At this time, I shall now answer that question? Can or is there a standard of a valid true normality for people? And I say, yes! There “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 546