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currents and/or waves. Although they differ in tangibleness, tangibleness and abstractness, and abstractness. The Hydrogenoxygenosphere is basically two combined elements (hydrogen and oxygen) produced as one element called Water (H 2 O). Thus, leaving the ancient proverb of Allah's revelation to be, "For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction," so it was with the cooling of the Earth due to its reaction to the Sun and its Solar System or Sunospheres. I have labeled each planet evolving and revolving around the Sun as being its own sphere, for example: Mercury with Mercuryosphere, Venus with Venusosphere, Earth with Earthosphere, Mars with Marsosphere, Jupiter with Jupiterosphere, Saturn with Saturnosphere, Uranus with Uranusosphere, Neptune with Neptuneosphere, and then there is the farthest planet in our Solar System, which some scientists are considering not to refer to as a planet any more, and that it is Pluto with Plutosphere. Nonetheless, each planet has its established and/or establishing environment of spheric behavior from the action of the Sun and its forces. The reaction of the planets are positioned due to the nature and nature effects of the Sun. However, in this book, at this time, I shall only emphasize on the Earth with its Earthospheric environmental behaviors in relation to the Sun. Up to this point concerning the Earth, we have a basic rim of knowledge and understanding of its spheric Lithosphere. Still, before there was any water on the face of the Earth, for it temperature was as the heat of a burning furnace. Than, the Earth had been stationed on a course in relation to the Sun, thus, Earth being the Third Big Rock from the Sun to be subjected to cooling. And as the Earth's Crust temperature had fallen below an estimated 212ºF (100ºC), it forced two elements to combine or collide and they were the hydrogen and the oxygen atom. The hydrogen and the oxygen atom formed a water vapor atmosphere that fell as rain. As the temperature fluctuated, it rained off and on still to this day to establish that which we call lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans. However, in North America today our temperature range from 10 (-10) below zero (0) Degrees Fahrenheit (ºF) up to 110 Degrees Fahrenheit (ºF). North America has a long range for Degrees in Fahrenheit. As the temperature of Water cooled life began to take its course in the seas and oceans. But, let it be borne in mind at the temperature of 282ºF water and blood boils. And also at 282ºF there are many different elements of gases in the atmosphere which prevent life to start on that which we now call land. On the other hand, as the temperature of degrees fell on the Earth's surface, so it was with the temperature in the oceans. The ocean fell to like degree as land; causing life to begin. However, I will not go into the specifics of the Hydrogenoxygenosphere, because it is such a very extensive writing and intense situation, while this AL’JIHAD is already such a Book. It is a situation to the degree that requires a few more years. I don't have that time to spare now, but maybe one day Allah might bless me with that period of time to write such a book. Though, I shall reflect upon all creation as I bring the structure of genekind. I can't write about everything that my being Imam Mahdi the Messenger has experienced, because knowledge is from birth to death. Death will claim my soul as my forefathers the Prophets-Messengers, although we have the enthusiasm to invite people to much more. For, we as people can see what it is in the Earth. And you may know of space and/or the Universe of the living (plants, animals, and man) and the non-living (materials and/or substances of desire). So, now at this time, I shall complete this book with the heading of AL’JIHAD: AJAAUCOAO Volume One, Two, & Three (combined), and last with the feature film “AL’JIHAD: IMAM MAHDI (The Holy One)” of experiences that I can and can not put into words. “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 543