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as Hydrogenoxygenosphere. However, before I continue with the Hydrogenoxygenosphere, I would like to express why I am so technical or specific in my writings? For, it is the reason that to bring genekind to understand the basics of the One Community, The Absolute Community with the objective that all ethical beings submit themselves in harmony with the Universal Community—Islam. Still, before this objective is achieved, the understanding of what it is of Communication impossible to avoid? Communication is the basis of all genekind influences, attitudes, persuasions, objectives, and success. And also Communication is of any other beings that exist with ethical (right and wrong) perception. Webster's Third New International Dictionary defines communication: one, the act or action of imparting or transmitting; two, facts or information communicated; three, conversation, talk; four, common participation; five, access between persons or places - opportunity of communicating. For, Communication is what it is going to take to refine The Absolute Community of Allah. Therefore, further what it is mean by Community? Community, as defined by Webster's Third New International Dictionary, is: one, a body of individuals organized into a unit or manifesting usually with awareness some unifying trait; two, society at large; three, common or joint ownership, tenure, experience, or pertinence; four, a civil-law partnership or society of property between husband and wife arising by virtue of the fact of marriage or by contract. So, with this being written on communication and community, for it is Allah reveals to the Believing Muslims to speak to the people in the tongue that they understand (communication). And, Allah also informed the Believing Muslims that they are one nation (community). Now, with communication and community being the situation, consequently, I grew up with a foreign tongue in comparison with my forefathers of the twenty-five prophets did not speak English. None of the Prophets-Messengers from Adam to Muhammad 'Ibn Abdullah speak the tongue or language of English. Though a person may speak a particular language, let it be borne in mind that in every language their are many sub-languages that are called disciplines: schools of thought, beliefs, philosophy, parapsychology, science (physical and mental), religion, politics, and governmenta l (political); to name a few. Each of these disciplines has a coded language called terminology to understand their school of thought in order that one may travel through their belief system to understand their purpose for who, what, when, where, and why, and also sometimes how. Now, to answer the question of the people of why I am so technical or specific in my writings, it is that Allah decree me to be a being to guide those who are into disciplines to submit to the Laws of Allah (Islam). And also, it might be that Allah to guide those who are ignorant to the world of knowledge into the Universal Discipline of Islam. Islam is the Discipline of all disciplines, schools of thought, and beliefs. Islam is the Religion that all submit to willingly and unwillingly, therefore, let it be borne in mind that none exceed Islam. So, back to the subject at hand, Islam is the Science for basis of all creation must be dealt with when inviting to understand the behavior of genekind. I have informed my audience of much in my first volume and up to the point in this book “AL’JIHAD”. Still, I will continue with our water (hydrogenoxygenosphere), air (atmosphere), gravity (magnetosphere), and light (solarosphere) in order that I may give you a brief structure on how the human body came to be and how it can obtain perfection. H YDROGENOXYGENOSPHERE - Section Two Just as it is of the earth (lithosphere) with its multiple sub-spheres, so it is with the water (hydrogenoxygenosphere), air (atmosphere), gravity (magnetosphere), and light (solarosphere) of their boundaries, transitions, rarefactions and compressions in their countable yet countless “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 542