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Sima are rocks that largely consist of silicon, oxygen, iron, and magnesium. The sima is not just under the continents, it also extends under the ocean, thus being the ocean floor that we call the basins. And last of the two stages of the Crustosphere, there is the Sial. The Sial consists mainly of silicon, oxygen, aluminum, calcium, sodium, and potassium. The Sial is the dry land that we see with our eyes as we view that which we call the ground. For, the Inner Crustosphere rests upon that which we as young scholars call the Inner Mohorovicicosphere (hard hot rocks). So, to conclude with the Inner Lithosphere of the Earth's many spheric zones in relativity to the Sun. There is a continuous behaviorism of compression and rarefaction within the Inner Earth as well as the Outer Earth, Solar System, and the entire Universe as relating to the First and Second creation. Nonetheless, it is the Earth's Lithosphere that has a tremendous magnetic (compression) and electrified (rarefaction) on genekind behaviors, due to the seven elements that exist in genekind, in which they are relativity, gravity, air, water, fire, electricity, and earth (Seven Firmament). The Seven Firmament are the same forces that not only exist in the Inner Earth Lithosphere, but they also exist in the entire Universe. Therefore, due to the fact that genekind has a continuous Experience in the Earth's Lithosphere of the Inner Hydrosphere, Inner Photosphere, Inner Chromosphere, Inner Ironosphere, Inner Transitionosphere, Inner Mantlosphere, Inner Mohorovicicosphere, and the Inner Crustosphere, thus it is with transition of being the development of all the spheric zones. It leaves genekind being a product out of the Inner Earth which is known as the Inner Lithosphere Yet, genekind not just being the Inner Earth product, but genekind is a product of the entire Universe. However, to bring my audience into an even better understanding of the creation of genekind, for we must now take a glimpse at the many other spheres which contributed to the development or evolution of genekind. We shall do this by proceeding with that which the modern scientists refer to as the Hydrosphere. However, naturally, I will have to reclassify Hydrosphere for them, due to the nature of the substance which they claim it to be, which it is none other than Water. So, if you know the components or elements that make up Water, and I know you do due to previous reading of this book. You know that it must be reclassified. As I have informed my audience previously, in that which we now refer to as the Earth was once a Hydrogen Fire ball with many other elements of compression and rarefaction behaviors like that of the Sun. Yet, due to the overwhelming force of the influence of the Sun on the plants that exist in its Solar System, they (the planets) are subjected to constant change due to revolving on their axis as they orbit around the Sun. Now, for the Earth, as it is now called, its top surfaces had developed into a Crustosphere called the ground. However, due to the cooling of the Atmosphere near and/or below the temperature 212ºF, then moisture was developed, thus becoming condensed and fell as that which we now call rain. For abundant rain-fall. And for those who are religiously so-called inclined, at this era in time of rain it had nothing to do with Noah and his Ark. Still, this rain fell until oceans, seas, lakes and rivers were formed. However, the Continental Drift is another story. And out of the 100% of water which exists on Earth today, only about 0.34% of this is used for drinking as fresh water, while this percentage is decreasing. With us as being people, we know that there is a tremendous amount of Water that consists of the Oceans, Seas, Rivers and Lakes on the face of the Earth that serves genekind in countless ways. Water is a necessary elements for genekind beings to existence. Water is also necessary genekind (beastman, mankind, human, and man) survival in this thing we call life. Yet, as I have previously stated about the Water concerning the modern scientists, for they refer to the great oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes as Hydrospheres (among other names). However, Hydrospheres is not a full representation of that which we call Water. Consequently, due to the scientists misunderstanding of that substance Water, I have reclassified the great bodies of Water “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 541