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does not change nor alter the Decree or Will of Allah. As I have previously written, the Earth was once a prototype of the Sun. The Earth has cooled down due to revolving around the Sun, while it establishing multiple spheres to cause life to come into being; as we know it today. When breaking down the structure of the Earth in which we now refer to as the lithosphere, the center of the Earth is the nucleus furnace known as the Inner Hydrosphere. The Hydrogen rising in a valence of four combined atomic-hydrogen’s, thus it going through transition to form that which we now identify as the Photosphere. The Photosphere is the Outersphere Hydrogen and the Inner-Photosphere. For, the Inner- Photosphere is a bright disk surrounded by layers of gas that mostly consist of hydrogen and calcium, in which the depth of these firing gases are that of the Inner-Hydrosphere amd Transition Zone. The Photosphere is estimated to be from the center of the Earth at a width of 2,160 miles, in which we must give a few hundred miles for the transition zone of the Outer- Photosphere to the Inner Chromospheres. Chromospheres are colored balls of vesseled fire that shoot thousands of miles from the furnace boundaries, but those of you of the old schools of thought refer to this Chromo-sphere as volcanic eruptions of liquid fire or lava. We shall still refer to it as lava, which it is molten iron, mantle, and crust, due to the Chromo-sphere passing through their spheres. When it comes to Iron as a sphere of the Earth, modern scientists suggest that Iron is the Core (Center) Inner Hydrosphere of the Earth. They suggest that this Iron comes up through what they call the Outer Core (Inner Photosphere), Getenberg discontinuity (transition), Mantle (Inner Chromosphere), Transition Zone, Upper Mantle (Inner Mantlosphere), Mohoravicic discontinuity (Mohorovicicosphere), and Crust (Crustosphere). It is with each zone or sphere having particles or elements representing that which we call lava. Note: even though the scientists did not put combination of these words, but the way I have worded it best represents their argument. They are wrong to say that the Core of the Earth is Iron, yet let it be borne in mind to my audience that the drilling into the Earth for scientific research has not exceeded over thirty-three miles, whether it be into the ocean Crust floor and/or it be into the Continent Crust (dry land). Therefore, between the drillings and the volcanic eruption, it is in the ocean and on the continents that scientists base their theories of hypotheses of what is in the Earth and its structure. I consider science a good academic approach though not always correct. As it is with the Iron, it is not in the center of the Earth as a Core substance. Now we come to what it is in this book called the Inner Ironosphere. It is known as the so- called Mantle to the modern scientists. This Inner Ironosphere is the hardest substance that exists inside of the Earth with an average depth of 1,180 miles of thickness. However, we must give and take a few miles due to the transition zone below and above the Ironosphere. We shall call this transition as the modern scientists have called it; the Asthenosphere or weak layer transitional sphere. As I have written previously, I informed my audience that the Earth was once a smaller prototype of the Sun. And like the Sun, we now refer to as the Earth. Its Chromosphere used to shoot thous ands of miles above its surface. Due to the cooling of that which we now call the Earth, the shooting of the Chromosphere now vessels to the banks of the Ironosphere. Ironosphere causes it to vibrate and cracks, which result into punctured holes. Although the holes were part of the originality of the Earth due to its process of cooling, yet new holes developed due to the natural Compressions and Rarefactions. The Ironosphere causes the Inner Chromosphere to shoot out of the Earth, in what we call volcanic eruption and the vibrations. The cracks in the Inner-Ironosphere cause the Transition Zone, Upper Mantle (Mantlosphere is the proper name and its proper place in the structure of the Earth or its proper place in the sphere of the Earth), Mohorovicicosphere, and Crust Sphere to shift. We as “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 539