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L ITHOSPHERE - Section One However, before I am able to give you a clear understanding of why genekind is broken down into four categories of behaviorism which produce the moral and the immoral, we first must take a glimpse at the lithosphere. Lithosphere is a body of four so-called boundaries that consist of an Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle, and Crust. First, lets take a glimpse at the Inner Core of the lithosphere. Due to the nature of the Earth, there are other spheres. These four boundaries are the most accepted spheres of our so-called earth from the perspective of modern scientists. Modern science's view of the Inner Core is the most hard iron. This iron produces the magnetic pull within the earth's lithospheres. Scientists suggest that this iron is the source of heat, such as produce volcanic eruptions. Volcanic-eruptions produces the liquid fire mold of the Outer Core. This iron is estimated to be 960 miles thick. However, there is another side of knowledge to which I shall give you before I finish the section of the earth. Second, there is the Outer Core which consists of the so-called melted iron. Melted Iron is estimated to be 1,800 miles thick, however, you can give and take a few hundred miles due to transition. Many scientists do not place a transition zone between the Inner Core and the Outer Core. Consequently, let me inform my audience and the scientists of the worlds, transition is in and of all levels of created existence. For, transition that is the process of changing one form of energy and/or element into another. The depth of that transition depends upon the nature of that form of existence and/or substance, whether it be abstract, abstract-tangi ble and/or tangible. Transition is always present and active in all of creation and that which evolves from creation. Third, there is the Mantle which consists or is made up of a thick layer of a most solid rock. The Mantle expands about 1,800 miles, however, you can give and/or take a few hundred miles of mantle due to the transition that exists between the Outer Core and the Mantle. And now, we come to the so-called last of the lithosphere; the Crust. The Crust is made up of rock, but not as hard a rock as that of the Mantle. The Crust is that sphere which is the base of the ocean. It leaves the crust at an average thickness of 4 miles. The Crust is at the bottom of that which we call the top soil or land. The Top-soil is at an average thickness of 25 miles, still you must give and/or take a few miles due to the transition between the Mantle and the Crust. And also, between the Crust and Ocean and the Land, in which it is also the Crust. As I have written previously, transition is of all created behaviorism and that which extends and/or evolves from creation. Yet, before we take a glimpse at the Hydrosphere, I first shall give you the facts about the Earth so-called lithosphere. For, Allah has created and/or structured all created, fashioned, and made things to evolve through transition, in order that it may come into a present form. Regardless of the present spheres of the Earth, it was once like that of the nature of our Sun (Solar). Not just the Earth was like the Sun, but all planets and stars were a fire ball (Solar-Sun). Consequently, all Fire-balls were of various sizes. For, it is the largest of the Solars that has the strongest gravitational pull. The Solar-sun with the greatest pull will take control and influence the spheres of its range of the other Solars that are not as powerful in pull as the nearest dominant Star. Thus, Solar-sun becomes the Solar System once it dominates its pull on other objects in causing them to cool and heat. Still, the cooling of an object becomes a less dominant element due to being a lesser solars turning on their axis while revolving or orbiting the dominant solar while changing simultaneously in transition. The Solar System process produces that which causes one to become the Sun and those of less forces become the planets. Just as it is with our Sun and nine planets with the ninth planet (Pluto) being studied by the so-called modern astrologists whether to be called a planet or not. Regardless of scientists decision on the objects that Allah created, it “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 538