AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 536

charges and magnetic repulsion of those elements with the same current charges within microscopic atomic elements, solar atomic elements, milky way subatomic elements and forces, et cetera that exist that we as genekind refer to as the Universe. Compression and Rarefaction are the forces that produce Electricity in all levels of creation, that in which I have identified as the abstract, abstract-tangible, and tangible levels of behaviorism. This book AL’JIHAD – Volume Three serves many solutions, but the ultimate solution is the technique in which an individual and/or my audience learns to protect their Soul from the Smokeless Hell Fire and/or Abstract Electricity. For it is very important that you, my audience, know, understand, and have the wisdom to accept all that which I write. AL’JIHAD will produce the valid belief and faith that will protect your Soul from the Hell-fire. The Soul is the most valuable existence to you. It is Allah as my witness when concerning The Law (The Holy Qur’an), Heaven, Hell, and The New World that you know I am the man that you and the known and unknown worlds must take heed to. You must follow the command of Allah in His al’Qur- an. For, I in my mortal stage can only teach, direct, and/or warn you of Reality! For this world is only the shadows of reality. Yet, I as the Immortal Servant of Allah whom awaits on you in the Hereafter. It is your actions, deeds, and directive sayings and approvals of belief and faith that determines your situation of abode. I am that Force which Electrifies the Soul Infinite within the Smokeless Hell Fire of Infernal Being due to abundant negativity in contrast with The Positive Garden of Bliss. While simultaneously, I am the Force which Abstract Magnetically exalts the Soul in the Garden of Bliss for willingly (positively) in doing the will (Religion - positive) of Allah as a created tool of Nur (Light). Allah uses al’Nur to reward the behaviorism of genekind (beastman, mankind, human, and man). Still, let it be borne in mind that I only warn of the Hereafter of chastisement from Abstract Electricity and in this world life of chastisement of Abstract-Tangible and Tangible Electricity. When glimpsing at Abstract-Tangible Electricity, we come to the situation and so-called known structure of the Universe. The Universe is the second mercy from Allah. Al'Nur (The Light) being the first created guide and mercy. For, Electricity in the Universe is the result of the simultaneous active elements-substances: all of creation and that which evolves and changes from one form of energy into another form of energy continuously. They have an Electro- Rarefaction charge (Electrifies) -- areas of low pressure where molecules are pulled apart, whereas Electro-Compression (Magnifies) -- where molecules are pushed together. Thus, leaving these two forces of Electrification and Magnification to cause the forces of cooling and heating to come into existence, that which produces Moisture (Hydrogen and Oxygen) or Water. Water caused the planets to come into being by heating and cooling due to the constant contrast of the six forces: One (1), Essential Relativity - the Light; Two (2), Reproductive Relativity - Water with its extended elements; Three (3), Gravity; Four (4), Air/Wind; Five (5), Fire; and Six (6), Electricity. These six ever active Heaven-elemental Bodies brung about the formation of the Seventh (7), it is the Heavenly Body - Earth. Earth Earth as we (genekind) know it to be today was a different Earth when it was first brought into formation. We are a people that call our planet Earth. The third planet from the Sun of our Solar System. It was a firing mass that was thrust inside the Universe due to the contrast of Essential Relativity and Reproductive Relativity. Essential Relativity and Reproductive Relativity and Galactic and Solar System collisions produced our Planet-earth. The resulted due to our Planet- earth being a star was subjected to cooling and heating that brought moisture to its atmosphere “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pag es Is 536