AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 535

Balls. We as English speaking people identify as the Universe. So, I just will reflect upon that which I have already written in Volume One in chapter five, part four - The Galaxies - and that it is the so-called nature of the Sun. As I have previously written, the Sun consists of many behaviorisms. However, just to name a few behaviors within the Sun, there is the co-called center of the Sun. The center of the Sun most scientists identify as Hydrogen, and when four like Hydrogen’s are electronically valenced together, then the Helium theory came into belief, in which the Hydrogen’s vessels from the nucleus of the Sun. The Helium become Photosphere- bright disks surrounded by layers of gases that mostly consist of Hydrogen and Calcium. The Hydrogen and Calcium are transformed into Chromospheres. For, the Chromospheres are color balls as products of the sun that shoot from its surface about and/or over a hundred thousand miles into space. While at the same time, the Corona which consists of the Hydrogen and Photosphere shoots from the Chromospheres about a million or more miles into space. And last, on the list of reflections are the so-called Sun Spots. Sun Spots are nothing but storms of twisting forces of electrified gases. These Sun Spot elements produce abundant light and/or photons (light rays). Therefore, the combination of these identified and the undiscovered elements are what we, as young scholars, refer to as the Solar and/or the Sun. Still, remember that there are over 100 billion Solar Systems in our Milky Way. There are Milky Ways in every Galaxy. As you can recall from Volume One or any basic study of our Solar System, we accept that there are nine planets in our Solar System. Still, at this time era, many astrologists are considering not to refer to Pluto as a planet part of our Solar System, incontrast to others are considering to add an unknown object as a planet in our Solar Systewm. As I have written, any who don't have an absolute understanding of all behaviorism of fundamentality can only hypothesize and theorize about behaviorism, regardless of its level of existence. So, whether it's nine planets or eight or ten planets, however, I consider it eight planets with one shifting planet that disturbs the minds of scientists. And Planets are only the result of joined al’Nur (Infinite Light) and al’Khalaq (Created Water – Mass) in Compression and Rarefaction of Essential Relativity and Reproductive Relativity. For, Compression is when molecules are pushed together, and Rarefactions are when molecules are pulled apart, that which caused the First Thunder (the First Big Bang). Now you know why real men and women servants of Allah are called the sons and daughters of Thunder. It is because they were there as Infinite-Consious- Beings when creation happen. They were there, they are here now, and they will always be assisting the Believing Muslim Mujahidun on earth, due to their disease of this world. A Believing Muslim Mujahidun shall never die and he is drawn consciously by the permission of Allah of that of all creation. Believing Muslim Mujahidun is the basis of that which evolved in and out of him call the Consious-Universe. So, let it be borne in mind that Compression and Rarefaction are of all creation. They are words that express behaviorism of the abstract (Essential Relativity), abstract-tangible (Reproductive Relativity), and tangible (the most conscious substance to genekind). Electricity What it is being said of Compression and Rarefaction, it becomes equivalent to the words such as Communication, Relativity, and Infinity; to name a few. They are the behavior that exist of all creation. They are the forces which cause conflict and/or contrast between the Proton (that which has a positive charge) and the Electron (that which has a negative charge). Thus, the contrast of the Proton and Electron causes electrical currents. Those elements of opposite “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 535