AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 531

challenge anyone and/or anything on earth! My challenge is to any on Earth as well as in the Universe as to whatever I write and/or say concerning anything of my understood language of fundamentality. Yet, at this time, I would like to advise my audience to take a beacon – a guide and light – a warning signal of the worlds that the S upreme Being has given me the permission to experience. It is that I spend out of what Allah has spun (woven) in me. So, I say to those of you who are beastman, mankind, and human; pay attention. I am only on earth to bring to you that of which you have doubt; The Oness of Allah (Tawhid). As you read this book, AJAAUCOAO Volume Three or Imam Mahdi Is Revelation Of And From The Anti-Christ; Imam Mahdi, Military, Inc., you as well as I know that of which you have doubt. To reject the worship of The Oness of Allah will result in your unsuccessful in this world life and in the life of the Hereafter. What is the essence of Gravity? For gravity is the element of pull force, not push force! Gravity is pull force. It is an established fact; not fiction! However, in creation when there is a pull something else is being pushed. Therefore, again, the Universe is like that of Genekind. Note! The Universe is a compression (pull) and rarefaction (push) of Allah (AJAAUCOAO) Nineteen Kinetical Behaviorism Sciences Formula (A-19KBS-F) developing and destroying simultaneously. Compression (Pull) and Rarefaction (Push) shall exist until Allah destroy the Entire Universe by the Smokeless Hell Fire and/or the Blissful Paradise (al’Nur – Two Effects). The Essential Relativity is of all creation, a force of creation that draws all of creation near itself. Therefore, before the extended gravity to exist, there are other elements that bring gravity into being, such as Air, Water, Fire, Electricity, and Earth. For, these five other elements are what Relativity Pulls or Draws near itself. Relativity is of all creation as I have previously written. It pulls Air, Water, Fire, Electricity, and Earth from all directions simultaneously, which produces Gravity. Gravity is the contrast between Essential Relativity (total created Abstract [First Creation]) and Reproductive Relative (created Abstract- Tangible [Second Creation]). Yet, many scientists may want to argue their theory that there is little or no gravity in certain areas of our solar system, galaxy, etcetera. Or, that there are pockets of non-gravitational pull, and I say to you! That! gravity is of all creation and to pinpoint what I have just written, it would take the 360 degrees of insight in fundamental thought to exhaust the mythical and/or mystical minds of the opinionated, unlearned, and the so-called learned with their false ideals and distraction. Without Allah guidance, you have supposed knowledge, miss-understanding, miss-wisdom, boubtful-belief, and doubtful-faith of who, what, when, where, why, and sometimes how for Essential Relativity and Reproductive Relativity. In this book of AL’JIHAD, it is designed to give you the complete understanding of Nineteen Wardens of creation. AL’JIHAD will just lay the foundation down for the three hundred sixty degrees ( 360º ) of existence. AL'JAAUCOA-O Volume One - Humanity Last Hope For Union And Peace gave you the Seven Shields (Seven Firmaments), as far as giving you the Nineteen Wardens or Trials of creation. For, it would take further volumes of books other than that of AJAAUCOAO Volume One, Two, and Three to express what Allah has spun or woven in me in order that I may spend into you. Nevertheless, Gravity is of all creation, though, it may appear more abundant in some areas of existence than in others. Yet, it is still present of all creation. It is like an abstract glue which holds elements together; this only the obverse (front) side of knowledge or state of mind. The reverse (back) side of knowledge or state of mind when it comes to gravity, for it is the word that fits its equivalence of non-existence, while simultaneously existing. I have advised you earlier, Allah has given me the beacon and it is in full effect to the last word of this book. When you reach its end, I am most sure that you will have the knowledge, understanding, wisdom, belief, and faith of valid truth; "The Revelation of “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 531