AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 49

Second, we have the Ultimatum level of behavior response in which there are (2) those who do not know, but they know that they do not know – they can be taught. They fall within four categories: neglector, assimilator, separator, and revolutionary. The four categories of Ultimatum include both the disbeliever and the valid believer, as you recall, a disbeliever is a person who follows vanity and negative traditions (Conservative), whereas a valid believer is a person who follows valid truth through sound experiences. So glimpsing within the Ultimatum level of behavior response – it is the level of sink or swim and/or the stage of weeding-out. The Neglector is a person who is aware of the situations of ethics at hand, but he denies proper care and responsibility to himself and to his professed belief. This type of person professes that he is with you, but his actions and deeds manifest clearly that he is not (wolf in sheep’s clothing). Yet, this person is in the majority of the groups, organizations, religions, etc. of the world. To some, the neglector appears to be harmless, or does not have the wisdom to cause any problems to others such as the valid believer, yet the neglector must be disassociated with or eliminated because he is a burden and detrimental to progression. The Assimilator is the person who is also aware of the situation of ethics at hand, to be dealt with, whether it be the wrong or right group, organization, religious movement, etc. He will not voice his opinion or knowledge because of fear in what appears to be a larger entity than him-self affecting his wants, necessities, and assets. He feels that the entity is the only provider. Therefore, the Assimilator becomes absorbed or like the larger entity. This person cannot cause you any harm, and he is a great supporter in a cause. Yet, if he is not of your objective, this person must be looked at as a vowed enemy regardless of what he professes. He might even say he is with you when in your presence, but when he is not with you, he may profess to his friends or movement that he was only jesting with you, so watch him if he is not about the efforts of your objectives. The Separator is a person who is also aware of the situation at hand. He is a type of person who has been conditioned by a system or way of life that caused his belief or faith, but through his travels in the world, he was influenced with information and experiences of one, more, or all of the Cardinal-principles (Truth, Justice, Peace, Freedom, Love, Joy, Unity, and Success [Happiness]) of AL’JAAUCOA-O, that which caused the Separator to doubt his previous conditioned belief and faith. However, if these experiences cause him to be a follower of disbelief, then he will separate from his previous conditioning and enthusiastically attempt the influences of vanity. Nevertheless, if the person’s experiences give him the characteristic to follow valid truth, then he will separate from his previous conditioning if not valid, and strive with patience in the cause that he continues to see as correct and factual. Both of these types of separators will separate by any means available to them, regardless of the situation or supposed problem. The Revolutionary is person who wars against a way of life or system that is different from his belief and faith. The Revolutionary follows the same process of behavior response as the Separator, but he strives further after recognizing that the criterion or influences perceived are valid truths or other purpose to war in the cause of. He is the type of person who will carry out the Law accordingly, regardless of life situations of opposition or oppression. If he happens to be within the authority of another who shares the same criterion, he is the type of person who will give his life in that cause to support whoever is in authority. However, if whoever is in authority is neglecting his responsibility of that system of belief and faith, the revolutionary person of that same belief and faith will gladly, without pause, ask that person in authority to step aside for neglecting or abandoning his responsibilities. If for any reason the neglector of “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 49