AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 48

When we look at the earth conditions of mankind, human, and man’s social behaviors, they are the manifestation of his e’motions through the perception of his mind. The e’motions are natural feelings of kinetic reactions from an existing force of ethical conditional stimulus (the Mind or Seven Lights and Conscious), which is also known as the Third Eye of Seven Shades: Interpersonal-conscious, Intrapersonal-conscious, Conscious, Sub-conscious, Super-conscious, Magnetic-conscious, and Infinite-conscious brought into the existence of living mass (e’motional organs) and human being (the ethical man). For the human E’motion is an existence that is vibratile in Relativity according to the Seven Stages of Light which experience the influence of its human body (the organic existence) and the human body experiences the existence of its surrounded environments (earthly and galactic existence), simultanuously in the Absolute Universe. For this reason, these are the influential tools of relativity that bring e’motion into shades and hues of behavioral human existence. However, I will explain more deeply in relation to the galactic universe and how beastman and man came into existence in the next chapters, but for now, I must continue with the Infinite E’motion. While viewing the cause of E’motion, the physical (body) and the mind (seven lights or consciousness), influence the E’motion and the Abstract-tangible element that links and conditions the Soul of the human organic body experiences (internally and externally) in its absolute environment. So, with your Eyes being an elemental window to your Mind, your Mind being an elemental window to your E’motions and your elemental or kinetical E’motions, experiences with the body and mind become the tools of relativity which are the kinetical memory craft of celestialness; they are mist in oneness with the Soul of celestial abstractness. However, the Infinite E’motion is the only Infinite force that causes the soul to experience terror or joy of the Hereafter. Whichever experience the soul experiences is of an existence of increase-continuousness by its previous experience. Thus, the Third Seal of E’motion Infinite is the seal that opens the Fourth Seal of Realize (Realization) Infinite. Section Four: Actualization (Realization) of Infinity Note: One, Actualization is defined for any who has never been in the Infinite Paradise. And two, Realization is for him who has experienced the Infinite Paradise. People are a group of ethical beings of various cultures, racial communities, nationalities, and prejudiced justifications, generally speaking. However, they (individuals, rational, spirituals, academics, religious, politicians and models of society) fail to actualize (realize) that there are only two types of people that occupy the earth’s (Universe) treasures, and they are the Disbelievers and Valid-believers. Under each of these types of people, there are behavioral stages that fall into three categorical levels that are called the Cognition Peninsula: Conservative, Ultimatum, and Objective-Control. The Cognition Peninsula is the three stage levels of genekind behaviors in this Fourth Seal of Realize (Realization) Infinite. First, there is the Conservative who argues his tradition